Some Air-Con Servicing Firms Can’t Start Work Yet; Others That Can Resume Face Large Backlogs

The phrase ‘some like it hot’ has many meanings.

You could be referring to that one 1950s movie or maybe the way someone likes their Goody Feed news.

But what some of us don’t like too hot is Singapore’s weather.

Which is why if your air-con wasn’t working well during circuit breaker, it was over for you.

Image: Home & Decor Singapore

Even then, the bleak reality of your hot house might be over sooner than you think.

Pretty ‘Cool’ News

Rejoice, readers. For your (and my) air-cons might soon be working well again.

According to Channel News Asia, door-to-door air conditioning services will resume work for some companies now.

Remember this keyword ‘some’ for later.

If you’re also wondering ‘eh, safe to resume or not’, I’ve got another two words for us: Phase One

Not too sure about what that is? We got a little something that might help visualize that.

Image: MOH

I’m glad aircon servicing is part of ‘some businesses’ because there’s a lot to be done.

Mr Eric Tan, training manager at Daikin Airconditioning (Singapore), says the air con units in homes would likely need servicing due to the frequency of use especially from those who worked at home.

On the flip side, Mr Tan also mentions that commercial buildings who have not turned their air-cons since Circuit Breaker began also need servicing. Got to make sure those still work, after all.

But of course, this is still the COVID-19 era…

Extra Safety

Got to stay safe guys, no matter if you’re the worker or the customer.

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With COVID-19 preventive measures in place, servicing staff are still required to wear masks when entering homes or commercial buildings. Daikin even has staff members filling up health declaration forms.

Another company, E-Tech Building Services, are even using a heat gun to eliminate potential viruses on documents.

They’re also avoiding any home services and temporarily sticking to commercial buildings.

Business Development Director of the company, Mr Richard Teo, states this is to minimise contact between the workers and residents, reducing the chances of getting infected.

Guess you could say the practice of safety measures is pretty…

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Not Everyone Is Open

Remember, not all, only ‘some’.


According to the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Association (ARA), quite a few of these companies have not been allowed to restart operations.

Even if they can, most of the members can only service air-cons in malls or factories.

And if you’re for some reason thinking this is outrageous, ARA represents over 50 of such firms so it’s pretty legit.

Mr Goh Cheng Tee, an EXCO of ARA, says that there’s no fixed date when most operations can resume.

Image: Tenor

He estimates that it may take around a week or two if the Building and Construction Authority approves their continuation.


But It Could Take Months For Your Aircon Servicing To Happen

Also, the reality is that even if you can get servicemen to come, how long would the wait take?

These companies are sure to have many clients calling and this is discounting any potential backlogs they have.

According to Channel News Asia, operators faced with a huge backlog of appointments for both aircon-servicing and repair.

Depending on how bad it is, you may have to wait days and even months to get your appliances repaired.

Do you know what that means? You better make that appointment soon if you don’t want to be a three-digit number on the waiting list.



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