Actor / Singer Alan Tam Denied Allegations That He Slept With a Fan Who’s Attached

Much like dieting during the circuit breaker, keeping your love life private as a celebrity is pretty much impossible.

The media, your fans, and even those who despise you are watching your every move, meaning any mistake you make, no matter how small, will be magnified and splashed across all the papers in bold for everyone to see.

In this story, however, we’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill love affair, as a fan is allegedly involved, and an attached one at that.


Weibo User Alleges Alan Tam Slept With His Girlfriend

It all started with a Weibo post on Tuesday (23 Nov) from an account called Sad Beef Noodles.

In the lengthy post, the man claimed that he was using his girlfriend’s phone to purchase some items for her from her shopping cart when he found that she had bought a men’s shirt and cologne last month.

Suspicious, he checked her phone and discovered that his girlfriend had a secret folder of photos, which is where he allegedly found out she was having an affair with Hong Kong actor and singer Alan Tam.

He said his girlfriend had also lied to him about going to Shanghai to shop with a friend.

He already knew that his girlfriend was a fan of Tam’s and said he always supported her.

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Tam Denies Allegations

Tam swiftly denied the allegations, with his management agency, Impact Entertainment, issuing a statement the next day.

“As is well-known, Mr. Tam has loved his work passionately for the past decades, supported the younger generations, contributed to his country and to society, and respected his fans. As someone who sits on the Hong Kong Election Committee, he will not ignore actions that damage his reputation and will take appropriate legal action,” it said.

Tam has since shared the statement on his Weibo post.

For those who don’t know, Tam has been credited with developing the Canto-pop scene in the 1980s. He has released a total of 115 solo albums and sold over 35 million records worldwide.

He has been married twice and remains legally wedded to his current wife, but they reportedly lead separate lives.

Weibo User Threatens to “Attack”

In response to the statement, the Weibo user released two photos, one of which showed a man sitting on the edge of a bed, either taking off or putting on his pants. Some netizens noted that the man’s black sneakers are similar to those worn by Tam in the past. The hotel also looked like the one he had been quarantined in.

The other photo was of a screenshot of voice messages allegedly from Tam to his girlfriend.


But it seems that the aggrieved netizen has even more receipts.

“If you dare to make another statement, I will continue to attack,” he wrote. The post was later deleted.

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