Alien Huang Had Reportedly Died from a Suspected Freak Accident at Home

In less than 24 hours, the entertainment industry reported two prominent deaths.

The first is South Korean actress Oh In-Hye, who had reportedly commit suicide yesterday (15 Sept). And today, we learnt of the passing of Taiwanese host Alien Huang (Xiao Gui).

The cause of his death hasn’t been confirmed, with some reports claiming that it was due to a heart attack.

However, it could’ve been a freak accident as more details are revealed.

Alien Huang Had Reportedly Died from a Suspected Freak Accident at Home

According to Taiwan’s Apple Daily, he had been found by his father this morning (16 September) by his father in his house.

His father had come over to his house to have lunch with him.

The 36-year-old was half-dressed, and there were some external injuries on his head and some bloodstains on the floor.

He was pronounced dead by paramedics who arrived at the scene.

When the police arrived, the television and air-conditioner were still on, and water was released into the bathtub. They couldn’t find any drugs, wine bottles or signs of struggle on the premises.

Preliminary investigations therefore show that he died after slipping near the bathroom.

Injuries in Bathroom Are Common

According to the CDC, over in the US, about 234K non-fatal injuries occurred in the bathroom, and most of them were due to falls, with the head or neck being the most common part of the body to be injured.

Almost 14% of these injuries lead to hospitalization, and the main activity that leads to the injury is bathing followed by slipping.

Multitalented Television Personality

Huang is a multitalented television personality, with a career that spanned 18 years.

At the age of 18, he joined the entertainment industry following a pre-casting training course for the film Blue Gate Crossing.

He kicked off his career by hosting a nature-discovery show for children named Follow Me, Go!.

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He was also a member of boy bands HC3 and Cosmo, before going on to release solo albums after the groups disbanded.

Since then, he had sung multiple hit songs such as Make Sense and The Most Romantic Song on Earth

Apart from that, Huang starred in various popular Taiwanese dramas and films, including KO One and Mysterious Incredible Terminator.

In fact, Huang participated in a handful of Singaporean productions, like TV show Joys of Life, as well as movies Already Famous and Fat Hope.

Image: Urban Wire

His most recent hosting venture, Mr Player, is a huge success. The show bagged the Golden Bell Awards for Best Reality TV Show for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018.

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Focusing on exciting outdoor games and adventures, the show is scheduled for an upcoming season.

One of Huang’s best friend, fellow Taiwanese entertainer KID, is due to return to the league of hosts.


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