Show Lo, Alien Huang’s (Xiao Gui) Ex-BFF, Reacts On IG To His Death

The passing of Taiwanese celebrity, Alien Huang (Xiao Gui), shook the entertainment world.

His body was found by his family member on 16 Sep 2020. He was believed to have been dead for some time.

Show Lo (Xiao Zhu), who was Alien Huang’s co-host for the popular entertainment show, 100% Entertainment (Yu Le Bai Fen Bai), took to his Instagram to express his grief.

Image: Instagram (Show Lo)
Image: Instagram (Show Lo)

In his Instastory, the Chinese words, ‘为什么会这样’ (Why did this happen in English) was shown against a black background.

Though Show Lo didn’t explicitly mention he was referring to Alien Huang’s passing, the post indicated that the celebrity was surprised by a piece of news.

Hosting buddies on popular Taiwanese show

The friendship of Show Lo and Alien Huang went way back. They got to know each other while hosting 100% Entertainment in 2006.

Image: YouTube (angowl)

The famous Taiwanese show focuses on the latest celebrity happenings in Taiwan and other parts of the world.

Many renowned artistes, such as celebrity sisters Dee Hsu and Barbie Hsu, also known as, ‘ASOS’, were once hosts of 100% Entertainment as well.

Known for their wacky actions and hilarious jokes onscreen, Show Lo and Alien Huang soon became friends.

Their onscreen chemistry also garnered many fans to watch the show.

Celebrity Group, Party Boys

As a singer and host with years of experience in the entertainment scene, Show Lo has many celebrity close friends whom he hangs out with often.

He formed a group called Party Boys, where celebrity friends, including Alien Huang, are members of the group.

The group organises parties amongst themselves, and sometimes direct and film videos to post on their social media channels.

The group was a tight knitted one.

Image: Baidu

Quitted The Show In 2015

After nine years of hosting, Alien Huang announced that he will no longer be helming 100% Entertainment in 2015.

Alien Huang’s resignation led to speculations that the fallout between Show Lo and himself was the main cause of him leaving the show.

According to Oriental Daily, the split between Show Lo and Alien Huang allegedly happened while the two were taking a break during one of the show’s recordings.

Show Lo overheard Alien Huang and his friend commenting in the washroom that Show Lo’s fans weren’t of a high calibre.

Show Lo was deeply upset by his remark and subsequently fell out with Alien Huang.

Alien Huang clarified to the press that his passing remark was a joke but it was too late as the duo minimised contact with each other since then.

He left the Party Boys group thereafter.

The two then became strangers and the fallout was reported by many news agencies.

On And Off Friendship

When Show Lo clinched the award for Best Variety Show Host in 2017’s Golden Bell Awards, Alien Huang congratulated Show on Facebook.

This move led to speculations that the two were friends again.

When news about Show Lo’s infidelity made headlines this year, Alien Huang was asked by the press on his views on it.

He mentioned that the matter concerns Show Lo’s personal life, and thus he would not comment further.

He also wished Show Lo well.

Let’s all pay our tributes to Alien Huang, for the entertainment scene has lost yet another talented artist.

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