Aliff Aziz Flashes Himself & Threw Chair Outside Restaurant

Imagine just going about your day normally, then out of nowhere, a man who looks like Aliff Aziz comes looking for a fight.

But is it really him?

Now, to be fair, we aren’t 100% sure if this is Aliff Aziz. The original video uploaded to Facebook page Official_Fidz refers to the person as Aliff Aziz, but it is not known when and where this is taken. TodayOnline, for instance, refers to the person in the video as “a man who resembles the singer and actor”.

On hearing that name, you’d have one of two reactions:

1. Aliff…Who?

Aliff Aziz Featured Image
Image: Instagram (Aliff Aziz)

Unless you regularly watch shows in Malaysia, I don’t exactly blame you for not knowing who Aliff Aziz is.

The 28-year-old won the Anugerah 2007 when he was 16, and after a few shows in Mediacorp, he had to serve his NS.

Then after ORD-ing in 2011, he moved to Malaysia to further his showbiz career. Which means Singaporeans don’t see much of him.

It doesn’t mean he’s not relevant. He’s pretty popular in Malaysia but still carries a pink IC. By popular, I mean one of his singles’ music video received a whopping one million views in less than 24 hours of release. In addition, he’s become an actor as well, making him a popular celebrity up north.

But since you clicked on this, perhaps your reaction was leaning more towards the second.

2. Aliff Aziz At It Again…?

Image: Know Your Meme

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective), us Singaporeans typically choose to ignore larger issues and pretend we have nothing to talk about except gossip.

Juicy gossip which Aliff Aziz provides to us pretty regularly for us to talk cock sing song over.

In May 2019, he cheated on his wife not just once, but four times. Oh yeah, and every one of those times was with different women.

For obvious reasons, his wife divorced him.

That’s when shit really turned bad for him though.

In June 2019, he was accused of stealing cash from an Indonesian actress while in a hotel room at Clarke Quay.

In September 2019, he was then accused of stealing a packet of cigarettes and a lighter worth $15.60 in total, at the Starbucks outlet in Plaza Singapura.

This is a man who had fallen so far since he was given basically everything from the age of 16 to stealing something worth less than two hours of part-time work.

And then in November 2019, he was arrested for brawling while being drunk at Orchard Road.

Now at the very least, we know that he was depressed. And at the very least, he was kind of drunk, which we can somewhat blame the alcohol for.

For things to really get worse, you have to tell me that next, he starts flashing his dick while in publ-

Aliff Aziz Flashes Himself During Dispute in Public

Image: Facebook (Official_Fidz)

In the video, which seemed like somewhere outside a restaurant in Singapore, a man that resembles and sounds like Aliff Aziz (you know, just in case this turned out to be a doppelganger) can be seen taunting a man while another tries to hold him back.

He can be heard shouting things like “Tell your boss to come here!”

Image: Facebook (Official_Fidz)

He then threw a red plastic chair, which the camera doesn’t show if it hit anyone.

Image: Facebook (Official_Fidz)

Then the moment all of you have been waiting for: the dick flash. For those of you screaming at GoodyFeed for giving NSFW footage, relax. To my own relief, his penis can’t actually be seen in the footage, but I just felt obligated to censor it anyway.

Which ironically, now makes it seem more like he actually flashed his dick. Crazy how censorship works huh?

Image: Facebook (Official_Fidz)

He can also be heard saying “Eh, you don’t record this.” to the person recording.

And if you were looking for more shit to stir…


Just A Week Back, There Were Hints He Was Back With His Wife

Yep. The wife he cheated on four times before.

Image: Instagram (aliffaziz91 and bellaastillah)

Aliff’s Instagram story showed him taking a selfie with his unaware ex-wife Bella Astillah.

Then on Bella’s Instagram, she shared an image of her hugging a man’s arm who people believed to be Aliff because of the white shirt.

There’s also the fact that Bella reposted a post by Aliff’s mother, which was a piece of inspirational advice from Zimbabwean Muslim cleric Mufti Menk:

“Your past is a mirror to your present. Learn from it and aim to not make the same mistakes again.”


I don’t know about you guys, and I’m not saying that I’m hoping to see someone descend further into the depths. But I have a feeling we might be seeing more news like that around.


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