An HDB Has Been Transformed into a Home Theatre Despite the Limited Space


Last Updated on 2020-02-03 , 6:48 pm

I love my cinemas and films.

Some of my favourite films are 2001: A Space Odyssey, Another Earth, The Fountain, In the Mood for Love –

Image: Giphy

Tis’ from 2001: A Space Odyssey, I kid you not

As if hearing my thoughts, my editor BH telepathically opined: “Eh W, no one knows those films lah, can you use more popular ones like Avengers or Transformers

In a quickfire-telepathic rebut, I shot back: “But those aren’t films, they are just keyboard shortcuts like Ctl + C and Ctl + Z.”

“You are fired!”

Nahhhh, kidding.

Just a few weeks back, my hamsum colleague ZH, who happens to be on MC today without seeing a doctor (because we are also called Progressive Feed), wrote  “New Super High Ses Cinema With Lounge & Beer Opens With Low-SES Prices.”

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My telepathic editor BH nods emphatically in agreement.

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Home Theatre in Boon Lay (Not Jurong Point)

I majorly digressed though.

Because truth be told, for an article with a subject matter that requires a tonne of images but scarcely any words, I’ve got to work damn hard towards my word count.

Nonetheless, I present to you a Boon Lay Avenue 4 room flat with a “Modern Contemporary X Cinematic.”

Image: jesignsinteriordesign/Facebook

Blue velvet curtains drawn

Blue Velvet is also incidentally a uber-awesome show.

Don’t blame me though if it’s not your cup of tea.

Image: jesignsinteriordesign/Facebook

Blue velvet curtains aside

Image: jesignsinteriordesign/Facebook

Tarnish! No, Thanos, my bad

Image: jesignsinteriordesign/Facebook

Uhhh, you mean Thanos’ powers are real

Image: jesignsinteriordesign/Facebook

Oh, come back already, heng arr

As you can clearly tell, despite the limited space in a BTO; a home theatre, 4 real humans, 1 real baby and at least 15 other superheroes and 1 big-bad purple dude is housed comfortably within this presumably 92 sqm of living space.

If you are curious, the other rooms are still intact too and here’s some evidence of their existence.

Image: Jesigns Interior Design/Facebook

I count 1, 2, 3 rooms

Image: jesignsinteriordesign/Facebook
Image: jesignsinteriordesign/Facebook

Jesigns Interior Design

Now, if you are feeling inspired, the interior designing firm responsible for this is Jesigns Interior Design.

A quick check on its Facebook page reveals that they have a healthy 3,096 (and counting) followers:

Image: Jesigns Interior Design/Facebook

Operates out of Hougang:

Image: Jesigns Interior Design/Facebook

And has a whopping 5/5 perfect score out of all its 48 reviews:

Image: Jesigns Interior Design/Facebook

These are but some of the high praises people sang of them:

Image: Jesigns Interior Design/Facebook
Image: Jesigns Interior Design/Facebook
Image: Jesigns Interior Design/Facebook

Last but not least, you may find the Facebook post here:


It pays to know too that the renovation took 8 weeks to complete and it includes this scope of things done:

1) Builder’s wet works for Whole house
2) Plumbing works for Kitchen and 2 toilets
3) Designed L-Box ceiling with Designed for Living/ Dining hall
4) Premium vinyl flooring for Whole house
5) Painting works by Nippon Paint Singapore
6) Carpentry works for whole house
7) Chemical washing & clearing of debris
8) Marble Quartz worktop surface at Kitchen & 2 toilets
9) Slide & Swing Black frame door at Common toilet
10) System using Blum South East Asia ExcelHW
11) Glass works at Kitchen and 2 toilets
12) Projector system at Living area
13) Wallpaper by Window Story

The price though, was not stated.

But seriously, a home theatre in an HDB? We’ll pay a million bucks for it.