Global Sweetheart Angelababy Reveals Her Struggle With Depression And Haters

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Hong Kong and Mainland China sweetheart, Angelababy, revealed that she has been struggling with depression from haters and cried every night to release her sadness.

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The 31-year-old Angela Yeung Wing, who goes by Angelababy, is a Hong Kong and Mainland China-based actress, model and singer.

Struggle With Haters

Over the years in the entertainment industry, she has faced much criticism on her performance and skills. Many netizens and anti-fans have questioned her ability to sing and act and accredits her success to purely her looks.

In 2019, Angelababy was said to have gotten fewer drama roles as audiences were tired of her “sub-par” acting skills.

Throughout her entertainment career, there have been many rumours that she has undergone multiple constructive or plastic surgeries to alter her face and body. This garnered much negative attention from the media.

Lack Of Privacy As A Celebrity In The Public Eye

Behind her successful and unbothered image, Angela is much more affected than she let on.

In an interview with a Chinese news outlet, Angela broke down and shared that she was very upset that fans and haters have gotten access to her family members’ contact details and went as far as to harass them.

She said that management staff members contacted her parents to update them on how she has been. When she gets sick, they would inform her family without her permission and knowledge.

Through angry tears, she said that it is her choice to share certain things with her family. She does not want them to worry about her as she goes on her schedule.

Haters would also constantly send hate messages to her and her family about her and her son.

Dealing With Depression

Her struggle with depression got worse when she was in Beijing for work. She would lie down and stare at the ceiling and cry every night.

After she had her son, she started to pick herself up, telling herself that she does not want him growing up with people telling him that his mother was talentless and useless.

“I only started thinking differently after I had my son [Little Sponge]. I used to want to give everything a try, but now that I’m a mother, I want to protect my son. I don’t want him to grow up and have people telling him that his mum is useless.”

High Profile Marriage

Her marriage with Huang Xiao Ming has also been plagued with many divorce rumours and allegations. However, she and her husband have skillfully deflected those baseless rumours and stayed together.

The high profile marriage is constantly under scrutiny but Angela has started learning how to deal with the rumours better. Her son and his safety is now her main priority.

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Moving Forward

Fans can look forward to seeing a new side of Angela’s personality and acting skills as she takes on new roles in the future.

Angela is now taking time off to recover and rest but will still be updating her various social media platforms.

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By the way, she’s not afraid to show people what she’s watching as well.

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