Angry Mama is a Tool That Cleans Your Microwave Oven #LikeABoss


Cleaning the insides of a dirty microwave is probably a very painful task for most people. Think of the pasta sauce that splatters all over the microwave. Yikes!

However, now with Angry Mama, cleaning your microwave is much easier. Angry Mama is a product that claims to steam away any cooked-on stains and odours in your microwave in minutes.

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How it works

Simply remove the head and hair of Angry Mama, add water and vinegar into her body and fix her head and hair back. Place Angry Mama into the microwave and turn it on for 7 minutes. This will loosen all the food stains in the microwave, allowing you to clean effortlessly.

You can also consider adding citrus into Angry Mama for a refreshing scent in your microwave. Angry Mama is also dishwasher safe, so the cleaning of Angry Mama is also hassle-free.

Why Angry Mama?

Cleaning a dirty microwave is always a trouble for many people so many are always out there hunting for products that can clean a microwave thoroughly.

With Angry Mama, cleaning is made much easier and what more is, where can you find a cleaning product that is so cute?

Angry Mama is available in many online stores as well as the craft store Spotlight. Selling at $29.90 at Spotlight, it may be a little pricey for those who are not willing to spend so much on kitchen and cleaning supplies.


However, think of all the time and trouble you can save by using Angry Mama and that may save you a little heartache for buying it. Otherwise, you can always get it online, which may be slightly cheaper.

Overall, Angry Mama is an innovative invention which you may want to try out for fuss-free cleaning. Cleaning of your microwave is made so much easier with Angry Mama!

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