Another Person Insulted Taxi Driver And Even Post a Live FB Video Doing It


We chose the word “Another” because this is not the first, nor will it be the last time people do things like this in Singapore.

Remember the “money counting Chicken rice seller“?


Yeah, that guy. Sorry for the rage filled memories.

I wonder how things are for him now (Not that I really care, though).

Anyway, this time around, it wasn’t the taxi driver who posted the video. It was posted by the passenger himself (A Char Kway Teow seller). On top of that, it’s a Facebook Live Video.


(Heheh, 101 ways to own yourself)

This is like the epitome of self-own sia. I wasted a good 5 minutes laughing at this fact.

Anyway, on to the unfunny stuff.

In order to provide you with a clear understanding of the incident, here’s the video posted by the passenger.

The passenger has since removed the video, but not before someone else uploaded the video elsewhere. (Ahh, the beauty of technology)

poor taxiuncle gave him free rides

Taxiuncle asked which route he wants to go by. Pax nagged that cabby don't know the way should not drive cab. In the end, poor taxiuncle gave him free rides. The video was post live on facebook."在新加坡搭德士,一般上德士师傅会问你想走那一条路线,因为有时你去的目的地可以走二,三条不同路线,为了怕顾客过后的责难,所以德士师傅会先询问顾客的意见。别以为新加坡小,路比人多,就算驾了几十年的老师傅也未必懂得所有路线,偷拍视频的这位搭客分明是故意刁难,一般上这类搭客,有的是想占小便宜,有的是想做霸王客,因为很多德土师傅为了息事宁人,到了目的地,多数会给搭客折扣或不收费。看了视频,觉得这位搭客幸亏搭的是德士,如果是私召车,不被打都会臭骂一顿,还让你偷拍说风凉话羞辱德士师傅,大家看了视频有何意见 ?"

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So, in case you’re wondering about what they’re saying in the video, the passenger is complaining about the taxi driver not knowing his way.

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In the end, the taxi driver decided not to take a single cent from the passenger.

He remarked that the driver is “talk(ing) shit”, and it’s “funny” that he doesn’t know the way.


Eh, you think all the drivers memorized the entire map of Singapore ah?

His attitude towards the driver was horrible too. Didn’t anyone teach him manners when he was a kid?

I’m sure he’s going to claim that he’s drunk or something and-

Oh wait.


He did say that he “drank a few beers”.

For those of you who can’t read the content, well,



“To taxi uncle ,

It is regretful for me to scold the taxi driver. A friend scolded me very fiercely and I realized it is my fault and I am very remorseful about it.

I am making a sincere apology for my action to the Taxi unclr. I hope I would be able to meet him personally to say sorry too.

From my heart, I would also like to apologise to the public too. Not an excuse but I admitted i drank a few beers before boarding the taxi that night. But this is not my excuse. I am really sorry to treat the taxi uncle without much respect. I seek the forgiveness of the public too. I was in the wrong. I did not have a very good and growing years too. I just wish to work very hard and be a responsible person.

I will continue to do reflection of myself and I promise to treat elderly with respect in future.

Unfortunately that day I was facing some personal problems and feel stressful beside the beers. But I should not vent my anger on the taxi uncle. It is not what I am and I was not at my usual self that night.

I hope the taxi uncle and the public will forgive me and give me a secind chance.

I am sincerely looking forward to meet the taxi uncle personally to return the taxi fares and ask for his forgiveness too.
As a token to show my remorse and repentance, I hereby offer the first 100 taxi drivers who come to my stall for a meal a free char kway teow. And the taxi uncle whom i have done wrong shall get free meals from me whenever he comes. Please accept my humble gestures.

Yours sincerely,

ps : as I have a low education, I asked my friend to help me draft the above apology… sincerely from my heart”


Well, what do we have here. An apology.

Seems like a person will only post a public apology after things have been blown out of proportion these days. Maybe he only chose to apologize due to the repercussions to his Char Kway Teow business?

Anyway, at least he wrote an apology and is offering 100 plates of Char Kway Teow to taxi drivers. Hmm, this reminds me of someone

Whether the apology’s sincere or not, I’ll leave that decision to you guys.

In conclusion

Guys, please be nice to each other lah. Taxi drivers also humans you know. Watch your mouths and don’t do anything stupid which you’ll regret in the future.

By the time you need to say sorry due to the flaming, already too late liao right?!

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