10 New Facts About the Guy Counting $1,000 Notes in front of Taxi Driver


After about a week, no one knows the names of the couple who bullied an elderly. However, about 48 hours after a video of a guy counting $1,000 in front of a taxi driver just to look down on him went viral, not only has his identity been revealed, he has spoken.

Yes, we’re talking about this video.

Unlike the Toa Payoh incident, this has some kind of closure. Here’re the ten facts that you should know (and well, forget about it and share this cute and funny image instead):

What Really Happened That Night (Actually, It Happened in the Morning)

The taxi driver has since told the media what happened. On Thursday early morning, at 2:51 a.m., he picked up the passenger from a taxi stand in Clarke Quay. When they reached the destination, Potong Pasir, the passenger wanted to pay his $12.45 fare with a $1,000 note.

Gosh. All I can say is that whenever I buy cai png, the hawker will always give me a black face when I pay with a $50 note.

How it Escalated into an Argument

So, it’s understandable that the taxi driver didn’t have the change. The passenger then allegedly took out two $10 notes from his wallet and tossed it at the driver.

No one knows why he has tried to use the $1,000 note when he did have two $10 notes with him.

The Identity of the Man has been Confirmed

According to reports, the man is Mr Gary Lim, the boss of The Yang’s Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice at Serangoon Road. The 37-year-old boss has since spoken to the media for the incident.

Well, at least he does have some digital footprints, unlike the Toa Payoh couple, in which all we know are their age.

The Shop Took a Hit – Online

When netizens exposed his identity and his shop, two things allegedly happened: a check on their Facebook Page shows that it does not have the Review Column and also the Visitor’s posts.


However, netizens have shown that prior to that, the Review Column and Visitor’s posts existed—and they were, unsurprisingly, spammed with angry messages, with the review dropping to a low 1.5 star.

Image: Hardwarezone Forums (howdeepisyourlove127)

But that still didn’t stop the angry posts, as netizens now post their anger on the Page’s posts’ comments.

Image: Facebook Screengrab

And for the website, it is undergoing maintenance now.

The Passenger is a Driver

Well, to clear the air, it’s now confirmed: according to eyewitnesses who spoke to Shin Min, he has a car and usually drives. At least there’s something he did right here: he didn’t drink and drive.

The shop is Allegedly 50 Years Old

Not trying to prove or imply anything, but the chicken rice stall is allegedly 50 years old. The boss is 37 years old. Just saying, you know.

And just to add on to my “just saying”, people who make it big by working from the bottom, like Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, should not be someone who likes to count money. And they can do big things, I’d have guessed.

The Passenger’s Side of the Story

But to be fair to the passenger, here’s what he has to say: in an interview with Shin Min, he said that he drank a lot that night and couldn’t remember clearly what happened. He mentioned that he took taxis quite regularly, and the money inside his pocket was used to pay his suppliers.

And most importantly, he said that he is deeply sorry for the incident.

The Taxi Driver is a Young Taxi Driver—In Fact, He’s Younger than the Passenger

Well, there’s a reason why you shouldn’t call the taxi driver the taxi uncle: he himself is just 33 years old, which means he’s younger than the passenger.

But I guess we all should respect him for keeping his cool despite such hurting words coming from the passenger.


The Passenger Could be Charged

According to Shin Min, lawyers mentioned that he could be charged for Public Nuisance, and several other offences. But read on for something even more ironic.

The Passenger Has Made a Police Report…

…because he was being harassed and worried that his restaurant was under threat.

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