Apple To Reveal New iPhones On 10 September

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear that new iPhones will be coming out soon?

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Yup, if you’re one of those kiasu Singaporeans—hey who are we kidding, all of us probably are—and you’re an Apple fan, chances are you’re gonna be one of the hundreds of people in line.

Well, the wait will soon be over because Apple is announcing details of the latest iPhones on 10 September at the launch event.

They’ll probably reveal some of their other newer devices like the new Apple Watch.

The launch event will take place on 10 September in the Steve Jobs Theatre at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

But if you’re stuck in Singapore like I am, don’t worry, you can watch it at work via livestream, which will begin at 10 am local time.

Rumours: 3 New Models – iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11R, iPhone 11 Max

According to Cnet, there are rumours regarding what phones Apple will introduce. Apple may be doing away with “XS” and instead, call them iPhone 11, etc.

There will probably be a ‘budget’ option similar to the current iPhone XR, a midrange flagship like the iPhone XS and a supersize model like the iPhone XS Max.

According to MacRumors, the anonymous Twitter account that correctly leaked the names of last years’ iPhone XS, XS Max and XR reported that the next ‘top’ or ‘high-end’ iPhone is the iPhone 11 Pro.

Rumour: 3 rear-facing cameras

It’s speculated that the biggest change to this year’s iPhone is probably the camera. Word on the street is that Apple will give minimally 1 of the 2019 models 3 rear-facing cameras.

The new camera is rumoured to give the iPhone better wide-angle picture capabilities. (Maybe next time I won’t accidentally cut off half of my boyfriend’s face when we take selfies)

This is probably to keep them competitive amidst stiff competition from Huawei, Samsung and Google.

When Can You Buy The New iPhones?

The newly announced iPhones are usually released for sale 2 weeks after the launch—so be sure to stay tuned to our app to get the latest updates!

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