S’pore Firm Comes Up With ART ATM That That Can Implement Supervised ART

Soon, you won’t just be going to the ATM to withdraw money (and hope that your bank balance is more than what you thought it was) anymore.

Yup, you might even be able to have your ART test screened and validated through an ATM.

ATM That Supervises ART Testing

With the increase in demand for COVID-19 ART test kits, a local start-up has invented an ATM that literally watches you as you use your ART test kit, allowing a more supervised process.

Sounds like some sort of Big Brother thing, but I promise it’s not.

The machine will be able to supervise both the usual nose swab ART as well as the saliva ART, which is currently in the process of seeking approval from the Health Sciences Authority.

This will help to free up healthcare professionals as they no longer need to manually conduct ARTs for individuals who visit clinics and other healthcare facilities.

Each ATM, which will have a biohazardous waste bucket and UV light for sanitisation, will be open round-the-clock and be able to supervise 10 to 15 tests every hour.

According to The Straits Times, Digital Life Line, the company that has invented this ATM, is currently working together with Raffles Medical Group as well as Fullerton Health to gauge how viable and feasible this project is.

Currently, you’ll be able to spot the first machine located at Fullerton Health’s testing centre at Raffles City.

Digital Life Line’s managing director and chief executive Eddie Chng also told ST that the company anticipates the machine being rolled out for various occasions such as pre-event testing, schools as well as airports for pre-departure tests.

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end, the machine can still be used to test for other illnesses such as influenza.

How to Use the ATM

After collecting your ART kit from your doctor, register your details by scanning your NRIC or passport at the ATM. There will also be a unique QR code attached to your kit, which you must scan as well. This will ensure that the results cannot be tampered with.

Once you have completed registration, you’ll be able to carry out your ART in front of the machine; a step-by-step guide will be shown on the screen as well.

Although, if you still need a guide to do your ART, have you really been living in Singapore for the past two years?

Also, you’ll be on camera this whole time, so remember to smile!

(And maybe try not to pick your nose while you’re at it.)

After you’ve completed the test, the ATM will take a photo of your test cassette and forward the test results to you and your healthcare provider within the next 15 to 20 minutes.

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Other Self-Supervised Programmes

Apart from this programme, ST also found out that the Ministry of Health is also carrying out another programme to test out video call-supervised ART tests.

If the pilot programme works, individuals will be able to conduct their supervised ART at home with a private healthcare provider through a video call. The test results will then be forwarded through individuals’ emails and phone SMS after approximately four hours.

The ministry also explained that this is to increase the variety of ways in which we can conduct supervised ARTs on a recurrent basis, as well as to ensure that preexisting resources are used most efficiently.

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