Audi Beat Red Light at High Speed & Narrowly Hit Pedestrian Who Looked Like She DGAF


Singapore is known for many things but two particular things stand out:

  • The country that bans chewing gum
  • The country that is filled with traffic lights

That’s why most of us would rather take public transport because driving in Singapore is unfulfilling and not because we can’t afford a car.

For people who can afford a car, they’d have to follow the laws…most of them at least.

Audi Beat Red Light at High Speed & Narrowly Hit Pedestrian Who Looked Like She DGAF

On 30 Dec 2021, a woman almost did not make it to 2022 because of a red Audi.

While she was crossing the road at Lentor Avenue, a driver beat the red light and missed her by the hair.

In the video, she was using her phone while crossing the road, and stopped just in time for the car to dash across. After the car raced past, the woman calmly continued her journey across the road, probably too shaken up to react accordingly, or perhaps it was just about Thursday for her.

This incident was captured in a 15-second video and posted on Ben Chia Lor Facebook page. So far, it has gathered over 396 comments, 1.1K shares and 119,000 views.

Most of the comments ask the person which captured this video to report to the traffic police while others give warnings, asking pedestrians to keep their eyes on traffic even though they might have the right of way.

12 Demerit Points

According to the Driver Improvement Points System, failure to conform to traffic light signals carries 12 demerit points, which is half of the total points they can have in a year before they could have their license suspended.

The drivers can be fined S$400 if they are driving a light vehicle or S$500 if they are driving a heavy vehicle.

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Similar Incident A Few Days Ago

This is not the first time a vehicle that beat the red light had a close call with a pedestrian. Earlier this month, a woman and her child in the stroller were almost hit by a van trying to beat the red light.

After the van jam braked, a man who was walking alongside the pair went to bang on the van’s door and confronted the driver. After barely a minute, the van drove off and traffic went back to normal.

The woman could be seen on the other side of the road, bending towards the stroller presumably to console her child.

That incident happened along Bukit Batok West Ave 7 on 23 Dec 2021 at around 4.40pm.


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Featured Image: Facebook (Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road)