Man in China Banned from BBQ Buffet Restaurant Because He Eats Too Much


Is it wrong to eat a lot? Well, I guess it depends on who you ask.

Doctors would say it’s wrong if your health is affected.

Your parents would say it’s not wrong because they love you.

And all-you-can-eat restaurants won’t say anything but ban you straight away.

Now, before you think I’m exaggerating, this really happened in China.

Man in China Banned from BBQ Buffet Restaurant Because He Eats Too Much

On 17 Nov 2021, a mukbang livestreamer named Kang claimed that an all-you-can-eat BBQ restaurant in Changsha is discriminatory against people with big appetites.

Apparently, Kang visited the restaurant multiple times, consuming large amounts of food during each visit.

On one visit, he ate 1.5kg worth of pig trotters.

On another, he ate more than 3.5kg worth of prawns.

Kang recalled that, on his fourth visit, when he took the tray of lamb skewers, he was told not to go back again.

He lamented, “I can eat a lot, is that wrong?”

Kang said he did not waste any food and didn’t have such encounters at other restaurants.


The restaurant’s owner, on the other hand, felt he had no choice but to ban Kang.

According to the owner, Wang, he made losses of “a few hundred yuan” every time Kang comes to his restaurant.

The all-you-can-eat buffet costs 69 yuan, which comes out to about S$15.


Kang allegedly drank 20 to 30 bottles of soymilk and takes the entire tray of food when he’s there.

The owner implied that Kang wasn’t unfairly singled out, saying how he has banned all livestreamers from his restaurant.


Netizens are divided on the matter.

Some defended Kang, telling the restaurant that it shouldn’t open if it was afraid of people with large appetites.

There are some, however, who can empathise with the restaurant owner, and left comments saying that he has the right to ban customers if he chose to.


Mukbangs And China

Apparently, China and mukbang shows don’t have a good relationship in China.

Earlier this year, China passed a new anti-food wastage law.

This law prohibits diners from ordering too much food and made “binge-eating” (read: mukbang) videos illegal.

It’s not just individuals, and businesses who do not comply with the new law can be slapped with a hefty fine.

After the law was passed, many restaurants in China had to adjust their menu, and a restaurant in the city of Hunan started serving portions of food according to their customers’ weight.

This came after President Xi Jinping raised concerns over food wastage within the country.


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