Barbie Hsu Responds to Allegations That She Had An Extramarital Affair in 2018


Last Updated on 2022-11-28 , 3:23 pm

If you watch Chinese TV shows, you’d probably have heard of Barbie Hsu before. 

Best known for her lead role in Meteor Garden, she has come under media spotlight again, this time for the wrong reason. 

Barbie Hsu Responds to Allegations That She Had An Extramarital Affair in 2018

After Hsu, 46, had divorced Wang Xiaofei, 41, in 2021, she quickly married South Korean musician DJ Koo (Koo Jun-yup) a few months later.

Hsu and Koo had dated around two decades ago and reconnected after her divorce.  

However, many claimed that she had an affair with Koo in 2018 which ultimately led to her divorce from Wang.

Responding to the Hsu-Koo hullabaloo, Hsu said: “It is difficult to maintain or end a 10-year marriage, I do not have the strength and don’t care to cheat.”


Now, Koo has also responded to the allegations as well. 

In a post on Thursday (24 November) night, he shared a series of photos of his trip to Taichung and Taipei that year, none of which featured Hsu, who he married in March this year.

“Stop fake news,” he wrote in the caption.

If you thought this was the only allegation against her, you’d be wrong. 

Hsu’s Drug Consumption

We all know that mother-in-laws can be intimidating. For Hsu, it was no different. 

Wang’s mother, Ms Zhang Lan, alleged that Hsu and her sister had a history of drug use. 

On Wednesday (23 November), Hsu released a statement saying: “My sister and I cannot do drugs because both of us have bad hearts. My sister works an average of four days a week and lives with her in-laws and children. There is no way for her to do drugs. I myself am not interested in drugs. Taiwan does not allow for drugs, we are law-abiding.”

Hsu Takes Wang to Court

Earlier this week, Hsu took Wang to court for failing to honour their divorce agreement by not providing spousal maintenance since March.

Hsu sues?

She claimed that the accumulated amount in unpaid alimony has reached more than NT$5 million (S$220 thousand) and has applied to the Taipei District Court to seize part of Wang’s assets in Taiwan, which includes his shares in the popular S Hotel. 

Wang clarified that he has continued to pay child support for their two kids and maintenance to Barbie, but not additional family expenses and utility bills since Hsu has remarried. 

“I am also paying for the chauffeur and helper, and did not miss a single cent of the children’s school fees and living expenses.”

In total, he claims to have paid over NT$40 million (S$1.77 million) in the past year. 

Not a small sum.


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