BBC’s Latest Video on S’pore Makes Us Look Like Some Rainforest Country

We’ve always thought of Singapore as the urban jungle.

Instead of trees and greenery, we have skyscrapers and lampposts.

But not everyone thinks that way. Especially BBC, who, once again made a video of Singapore so epic you’d think you’re watching a different country.

BBC Video: Exotic Wildlife in Singapore

According to the BBC, Singapore is one of the greenest countries in the world with over 40% of our land being green spaces.

And to prove her words, the host decides to bring the viewers right into the heart of Singapore at Botanic Gardens.

Right as the video started, we knew it was going to be a different sort of documentary.

Instead of a calm, epic voice reminiscence of the train announcement’s lady, the host is excited, engaging and fun throughout the video.

Even smacking her camera man’s face with a stray vine is enough to get her laughing.

Exotic Animals Found

Ask any Singaporeans what exotic animals can be found in Singapore and they’ll probably give you this look


But the BBC host managed to find a host of exotic animals worthy enough to get excited over.

Like the Oriental Pied-Hornbill

The oriental pied-hornbills were once extinct in Singapore. But a pair of them flew back to Singapore and started breeding back in 1994.

The monitor lizard having a snack.

And of course, our favourite family of otters

And It’s Not Just The Animals That Look Different

Look at how they filmed the greenery at Botanic Gardens.


If we didn’t tell you the location, you’d have thought it’s a rainforest and not small, ole Singapore, right?

But it is Singapore. And the host behaving like Crocodile Hunter simply makes you feel like a tourist in your own land.

Here, You Can View The 8-Minute Video Below Yourself:

Time To Get Out Of Your House & Explore The ‘Wilderness’

Curious to know what it’s like to view Singapore through the lens of Hannah Stitfall?

We’ve got just the article for you.


From Bukit Batok Nature Reserve on the mainland of Singapore to Pulau Ubin, there’s plenty of places you can definitely explore either alone, or with a group of good friends.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’re getting a headstart on your new year resolutions now, do you?

Still a Better Than CNBC’s “Crime Video”

While Singaporeans are used to the various quirks of Singapore, other nations’ news media regard us as an exotic country worthy of covering.

For example, CNBC’s video on the “low rate” of crime in Singapore.

They’re so astounded by our crime rate they decided to do a social experiment in our city-state.


The premise is interesting: the person would leave his valuables, including his smartphone, laptop and wallet on a hawker centre table, buy his food and come back: all in the name of testing how safe Singapore is.

Unfortunately, while it might seem like a good video idea, Singaporeans aren’t amused.


You can find out how the video got roasted here.

**All images are screengrabs from BBC’s video unless otherwise stated.

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