If You Can Hang on a Pull-Up Bar for 100 Seconds, Sengkang Korean BBQ Stall Will Let You Eat for Free


The world rewards us for our many talents. This time, physical fitness is cast straight into the spotlight by a Korean BBQ stall.

100-Second Pull-Up Bar Hang Challenge

Located in Block 473 Fernvale Street in Sengkang, Michin Korean BBQ n Hotpot offers a free Korean BBQ meal from January to February of 2022. The requirement?

Hanging from a pull-up bar for a full 100 seconds.

Before you immediately get on your way, we’d like to warn you that the pull-up bar is not stationary but is in fact, spinning.

This makes it harder to grip onto the bar for long; more force has to be exerted by your arms to hold on.

But that’s okay, we hold on despite the challenges we face in a spinning world, anyways.

Overcoming The Impossible?

Widely popular overseas, numerous Youtube videos claim to know the secrets to accomplishing the seemingly insurmountable challenge.

They are certainly not amateurs! Michin Korean BBQ n Hotpot knows what to do by forbidding the use of the cross-grip. The grip, where one hand is facing outwards while the other faces inwards, counters the spin of the bar.

Without this powerful tool, is it still feasible? In hopes of alleviating fears, a Tiktok video shows a staff hanging for more than the minimum of 100 seconds.

However, you’re still treated with kindness if you fail; for those that do not meet the 100-second mark, you can look forward to a reward for achieving the longest timing below that of 100 seconds.

It remains a blissful mystery because the prizes have yet to be specified.

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Rules Are Rules

As with all things, there are certain terms and conditions to be met.

  • Available only from Jan to Feb of 2022
  • Challenge is open to everyone
  • No use of the cross-grip
  • At least two paying adults per table to qualify for the challenge
  • You are a sloth who loves hanging from branches. Okay, I came up with that.

BBQ Stall’s Undeniable Love For Pull-Up Bars

In case you are wondering if this is their first doled-out challenge, it is not.

In November 2021, they offered a challenge to allow male customers to eat for free upon completing 15 pull-ups. For females, 10 pull-ups are needed.

One person managed a startling 37 pull-ups.


Given Michin’s love for pull-up bars, what might they come up with next?

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Featured Image: Facebook (Michin Korean BBQ n Hotpot)