Be Prepared For Rain And Thunder For The Last Week Of July

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S’pore Will Get A Break From The Rain For The Second Week Of July

The weathermen said Singapore will experience hotter weather in the second week of July.

And, oh boy, were we ready to take a break.

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Well, if you’ve been enjoying the brief respite from the rain, you’ll be sad to know that it’s over.

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And now, on this episode of What’s Going On Above S’pore…

Our Crazy Ex’s Back

According to the Meteorological Services of Singapore (MSS), the monsoon rain band is most likely over northern Southeast Asia and the northern South China Sea.

Which means the generally dry and occasionally windy conditions in Singapore and the surrounding regions will continue in the third week of July.


Notice the words “generally” and “occasionally”? It’s not because the MSS wants to cover their backside.

Despite the drier outlook, Singaporeans still have to prepare umbrellas because there could still be a few days of localised short-duration showers with thunder.

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The rain is likely to happen in the late morning and early afternoon.

And It’ll Get Worse In The Last Week of July

In the last week of July 2019, expect widespread thundery showers on two to three days of the week.

Be mentally prepared that even an umbrella might not be able to save you from the heavy rain.

There will also be a few days of localised short-duration thundery showers in the late morning and early afternoon.

Warm and Humid Nights To Continue

Are you getting used to the warm and humid nights in Singapore? Because if you’re not, you’ve got another two weeks (or more, since the climate condition is forecasted to remain until Oct 2019).

Warm and humid air will be blown towards Singapore from the southeast, and they expect the temperatures during some nights to be around 28 degrees Celsius on some days.

The daily temperature is forecast to be between the range of 25°C and 33°C.

The Next Four Days


Bring your umbrella out to work or school tomorrow because there’ll be late morning and early afternoon thundery showers.

Make all your outdoor plans on Friday because it’ll be fair and warm. Remember to dress lightly.

If you have any outdoor weekend activities, either cancel or postpone it or have it early in the morning or in the evening.

Because there’ll be afternoon showers.

Drier weather conditions in Singapore is expected to last until Oct 2019 but as MSS always says, it could rain. So make sure you have an umbrella with you at all times, yeah?