Beautiful AirAsia Stewardess Sang For Passengers During Flight Delay & Gained Fans


Have you been stuck on a flight delay?

If you did, I know what you’ve been through, bro.

Agitation, sadness and desperation all surface, and the worst thing? They do nothing to alleviate it but repeat, “It will resume soon. It will resume soon. Don’t worry it will resume soon.” 

Look, if we need your constant assurances, we will be even more worried. Just look at SMRT. Oops.

Or music will play in the background, either by the staff or out of the passengers’ own initiative. Orchestral music won’t be so bad, but can you envisage ‘Despacito’ playing?

Image: Quickmeme

Well, guess what? An AirAsia flight to Bangkok was delayed, passengers got annoyed, blah blah blah. We all know what happens.

But instead of that familiar voice ringing on like a broken stereo, the passengers on this particular flight got an angel.

A beautiful angel with a voice that’s NOT spluttering Spanish lyrics and actually makes you think, “Wa, flight delay might not be that bad…”

Watch it and be enchanted.

The video was first published on Facebook on July 18, and it has since gone viral, with 1.3m views and 1.2k shares.

Image: Kornchanok Benchaphongsa Facebook Page

And the netizens were raving about it too. Unfortunately, it’s in Thai, but good guy RocketNews translated some of them:

“If I got this airline, I’d go up and sing with her.”
“Why did I not board this airline?”
“My heart is melting.”
“Now this is some in-flight entertainment.”
“Wow, she’s really good!”


As I was watching the video, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why do I not have this kind of thing happening to me when MY flight gets delayed?” Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way.

For now, I guess I will just book the earliest AirAsia flight ticket to Bangkok…

Who’s with me?

Image: Flickr

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