Don’t Say Bojio: Ladies Sing for Free in Manekineko on Wed ‘Coz #LadiesNight

Singing has always been soothing to the soul. Imagine chilling in a Karaoke room with your friends after a long day at work, and just letting it all out.

Shiok ah!

But like everything else, it could be be even more shiok.

And a 2-For-2 Promo at Ganso Manekineko Orchard Cineleisure IS JUST THE ANSWER.

From 26 August to 25 September, enjoy three waves of promotions at MANEKINEKO’s Flagship store, Orchard Cineleisure

In celebration of their flagship store’s 1st ever anniversary, Ganso MANEKINEKO have arranged not one, not two, but three waves of promotion to mark the special occasion. Whoa!

First wave

Image: Manekinekosg Facebook Page
Image: Karaoke Manekineko Singapore Facebook Page

Attend a buffet session at Ganso MANEKINEKO Orchard Cineleisure anytime from 26 August to 25 September and stand a chance to win the Grand Prize!

How do you win it? Simply count the total number of Maneckey (so cute!) in the poster, and submit your answer! (The poster’s available at the buffet area, and the forms can be obtained from the staff)

The Grand Prize winner will get a VIP room with 5 hour singing session for 8 pax, 2x MANEKINEKO sets and standard drinks, as well as FREE-FLOW drinks, tidbits and ice-cream! Sounds great to me!

For those that missed out on the Grand Prize, don’t fret; there’s still the consolation prizes! 10 winners stand to walk away with a $50 cash voucher each.

AND as long as you check-in the buffet, you get a voucher!

Second wave

Image: Karaoke Manekineko Singapore Facebook Page
Image: Karaoke Manekineko Singapore Facebook Page

Arguably the star of the promotion, this deal allows you to sing 2-for-2. And guess what? It’s not just applicable for the singing sessions. It can be used for the singing+buffet segments too!

2-for-2 Karaoke + Buffet?

Image: Imgflip

Third Wave

Ganso MANEKINEKO has not yet released the exact details of the third wave on their Facebook Page, but insiders have whispered it to us. Okay, to be specific, they told us lah. And it’s really good!

For ladies anyway.

There will be an exclusive Ladies Night promotion. Ladies can sing for free during a night session every Wednesday, with a minimum spending of $50. Or, ladies can opt for 50% off a dinner buffet session.

Not that I’m salty or anything, but they should consider a Guy’s Night too.

Image: Meme Maker

And oh, remember, all these promotions, including Ladies’ Night Promotion, are only valid in September 2017 and in Ganso MANEKINEKO Orchard Cineleisure.


For those interested in the prices, here’s a cute poster to get you informed!


Ganso MANEKINEKO really went all out for their flagship store’s first anniversary, huh? But I’m not complaining! I already know what I’m going for – the 2 for 2. Call me a money pincher, but I will raid these deals for all it’s worth.

Image: Quickmeme

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See you there!

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