How to Spot the Difference Between Bedbug Bites & Mosquito Bites

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Falling asleep at night is a hard thing to do these days. Just as you hit the pillow, you start to think about everything that’s happened today. You wonder if you’ll have the time to meet your deadlines tomorrow.

Then, when you finally start to sleep, you hear a buzz near your ears. Bloody mosquito has come to suck on your blood, again!

Yet, there are some nights when you sleep so soundly (with even air-conditioner on) yet you wake up in the morning and are hounded with bumps you didn’t have before you got into bed.

So annoying. But ah, is it mosquitoes again this time, or the infamous bed bugs?

Here’s how you tell the difference. Remember, you heard (read) it here first.

Check More Than Just the Bite Out

Both bites, to be honest, look very similar. This is when you start wearing your magical CSI gloves and start doing a preliminary investigation into the bites and your crime scene – the bedroom.

If you chance upon eggs and bedbug shit in the small nooks of your mattress, you know it’s a bedbug for sure.

If the weather’s been a mix of hot and cold and you see small mossies flying around your room, you know who to slap and kill.

However, one best way to determine if it’s a bedbug infestation is this: on one night, turn on your air-conditioner that would make Eskimos proud. If the temperature is low and you still see those annoying bites, chances are your bed is shared with bedbugs.

The logic here is simple: in a cold environment, mosquitoes won’t strike. Bedbugs, on the other hand, strike whenever they feel like it.

Then There’s the Reaction Time

Huh? Bites also got reaction time one meh?

But yes, mosquito bites start to bump up right after they happen. You’ll start to feel the annoying itch that comes with the bump too. If you’ve been bitten by a mosquito, you’ll see a raised white bump that’s kind of an odd shape, and with red boundaries around it. It’ll ease up in a few days.

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What about bedbug bites? You might not get a reaction to it immediately – it takes a couple of hours to days to show up on your skin!

And when those bumps do come up, they’d be flat and red. It might not itch at first, but when the itch comes on, you’ll start cursing bedbugs with every single bad word you know.

How About the Appearance and Location, Huh?

Image: Difference Between

If you’re bitten by a bedbug, chances are it’ll happen most around the parts of your body that come into immediate contact with your bed and mattress. The bites tend to line up, as if they were marching into your body to suck on you slowly.

As for those pesky mosquitoes, the bites are almost always in random spots that are isolated. You’ll never find 2 mosquito bites in the same place. Both bugs, do, however, love to attack parts of your body that’s not covered by cloth. Bedbugs have the added ability to crawl under your clothing and look for fresh skin to dig into.

So there, now you know how to differentiate between a bite from a bedbug and a mosquito. Both fellas are really annoying, and as far as bedbugs are concerned, you might need to call pest control for fool-proof extermination.

No one wants to sleep will getting bitten now, right?

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