Belinda Lee’s New House is Like a Palace in S’pore #HouseGoals

Image: A Better TV Youtube Channel

Need some inspiration to palace-make your new house?

Well, Belinda Lee’s new house reveal might just be that inspiration you need.

The veteran actress, who has acted in several local Chinese productions, recently went on an episode of ‘Home Larger than Life – HOME REVEAL!’ by YouTube channel A Better TV, and may I just say that her house is, for lack of a better phrase…

Absolutely ravishing.

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Image: A Better TV Youtube

Belinda Lee’s New House is Like a Palace in S’pore #HouseGoals

If at first impression, you thought the headline was mere jest and could not possibly be true, well guess what guys;

It’s true. All of it. 

In the 10:18 video, we are exposed to Belinda Lee’s new home, a Palace-like rendition located right here in Singapore that’s nestled in what was originally a modest-looking flat.

Image: A Better TV Youtube Channel

As per customary home introduction videos, Belinda opens the door for the cameraman and proceeds to introduce them (as well as us, the audience) to her posh, luxurious flat.

And what better to get the ball rolling, than the posh chair located right beside her door?

Image: A Better TV Youtube Channel

Hailing from Victorian Flair, this chair certainly exudes some classy Victorian vibes to me.

Do you have someone in your office who doesn’t dare to make a call? If so, this video is for you:

Next up, Belinda introduces her living room, as well as certain warm lights and candles (which she expressed her love for), to the camera…

Image: A Better TV Youtube Channel

Before exhibiting her big-ass projector screen, on which she views movies.

Image: A Better TV Youtube Channel

Thereafter, she presents her cool Samsung Frame TV, which goes into Artpiece mode when not in use.

She also expresses her jubilance at the…air-con, which she credits to the warm L Brother.

Image: A Better TV Youtube

And then after that, it was on to the…


Image: A Better TV Youtube

From there on, I just got kind of impervious to all the luxury going on before me, because damn that’s posh af. 

I mean c’mon, even the toilet?

Image: A Better TV Youtube
Image: A Better TV Youtube

You gotta be shitting me.

And then there was this exceptionally exquisite space for family pictures…

Image: A Better TV Youtube Channel

As well as an honest to goodness home-rendered library.

Image: A Better TV Youtube Channel

What’s this, Princess Jasmine’s flat in Singapore?

You know what, you can view the rest for yourself down below. I’m just gonna go and wipe off these green marks on my face.

And no, I’m not green with envy. It’s camo cream.

Netizens react

At the end of the video, Belinda thanks the different brands involved in the Home Larger than Life series, which makes us question whether all the posh furniture in the video, air-con included, were actually sponsored.

And while I personally don’t feel much jealousy (I want them too!), Netizens seemed to take offence at the channel’s statement that Belinda Lee had spent months of sweat, tears and hard work working on her dream home, when the video seemed to imply otherwise.

Image: A Better TV Youtube Channel


Image: A Better TV Youtube Channel

But I feel like that notion just serves to make Belinda’s feat all the more amazing, and at the same time presents a shining light to the rest of us:

Live in a flat and want to make it a palace Princess Jasmine will feel proud in? No problem.

You just gotta be a veteran in the entertainment industry, easy peasy.

Just kidding; I think we should just concentrate on gathering the funds for it eh, guys?

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