Education Minister Responds to Video of Bentley Driver Forcing His Way Into School in Bedok

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Just three hours ago, a Facebook video posted by showed a Bentley driver trying to run down an elderly security officer when denied entry into Red Swastika School.

The Bentley had reportedly been stopped by the security for cutting the queue and going against the flow of the traffic, but apparently even humans are viewed as meaningless obstructions since the driver seemed to have no qualms about stepping on the accelerator to get his way.


The video has garnered so much attention, even the Education Minister has spoken about it.

To Ride for a Fall

In the short 23-second video, you can see the person in the co-pilot seat arguing with the security officer and teacher first while swinging around his red phone before he gets back into the car.

Then, without any regard for the security officer in his way, the driver proceeds to move forward twice, continuously testing the limits until the teacher leans into the open side window to say something, presumably in warning.

Worst still, as you watch the video carefully, you can clearly see the security officer getting injured by the slight impact, such that he has to grip onto his right knee while bracing his left hand on the hood of the car.

The video went viral immediately in three hours, garnering more than 500,000 views with the netizens condemning the driver for such callous and selfish behaviour.


Certainly, being richer and more privileged is no excuse for arrogant and selfish conduct, or the plain disregard for traffic rules and the moral code.


Fortunately, the outrage was not for naught, for the Education Minister was quick to reply.

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Education Minister Chan Chun Sing’s Facebook Response

Shortly after the video was posted, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing was immediately alerted and he stepped forward to condemn the driver for his unacceptable behaviour, assuring the public that the authorities will be looking into this case.

His post was liked by more than 3,100 viewers and widely commented and shared, clearly showing that the Singaporean public was very satisfied with the timely response.

In fact, the commenters’ below Mr Chan’s post mentioned that the Bentley driver should be reported as a traffic violation case and given a harsh punishment to deter further incidents.

Regardless of whether it was a school zone or not, such behaviour should be condoned, especially against security guards who have consistently kept order and ensured the safety of the roads for workers, students, teachers, residents and passers-by alike.

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