Better Don’t Let Your GF / Wife See How This Guy Upped the Game to Surprise His GF

Guys, if you want to have a peaceful week, don’t let your girlfriend or wife see this video found here. You can say thank you later.

What happened in this video? Well, nothing much; just a regular guy buying a return air ticket from Kuala Lumper to Taipei for a day just to surprise his girlfriend who is going there to study for 2 years.

I say what??!

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! The video was posted on the guy’s Facebook page.

And whoever you are, be it girlfriend or boyfriend, you need to watch it. The editing is done so superbly, you’ll wonder if he’s a video editor at SGAG or MGAG.

His name is Anthony and his girlfriend Debbie has to go to Taiwan for 2 years to study. The bittersweet farewell at Kuala Lumper between Anthony and Debbie was so sweet that you can get diabetes just by looking, but what came after was even more amazing.

Anthony had decided to surprise Debbie by following her to Taiwan for just a day after applying last minute leave from his wonderful boss.

He bought his return ticket with AirAsia for MYR 808 (about SGD$260) – all the expenses just to see Debbie’s smile in Taiwan. What’s more, he took the same flight as she did, so it was a mission impossible for him.

After an intense period of making sure that he was not spotted by the girlfriend, Anthony finally arrived at Taoyuan International Airport, bought a phone card, and went in search of Debbie.

At first, he was pretty excited to surprise her. Then some random guy turned up, put his hand on Debbie’s shoulder and pose for a picture. At the moment, Anthony was a little taken aback, and you could probably sense some uneasiness right at the moment.

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Wow, perfect boyfriend leh…never get jealous and spoil the surprise!

Instead of kicking up a fuss and spoiling the surprise, Anthony continued to film Debbie as he stood right behind her, waiting for her to recognise him. At last, Debbie took her attention off whatever she was holding in her hands, and looked up.

The stunned look of recognition was just a joy to watch, as Debbie came up to Anthony. He enveloped her in a big hug while EVERYONE looked on!

Debbie was so shocked that he was there that she repeatedly asked him why he was there. Her surprise went one notch higher when she was told that he would be flying back home the following day.

After that, she kept saying that he was just a silly guy and that he should have taken a few more days of leave to tour Taipei.

All’s well ends well as the loving couple went off from the airport to her accommodation as the rest of their friends and family watched. Aww…such sweetness certainly can give you diabetes, but he really is such a perfect boyfriend!

So, guys, hide this video from your girlfriend or wife. If not, expectations for you to come along for a ride whenever she is going shopping will increase because if Anthony is willing to spend MYR808 to fly to Taiwan for a day just to see his girlfriend smile, surely you can spend $20 on a Grab ride to go shopping with her for an afternoon, right? #justsaying

And girls, do yourself a favour and share this video. Because we’re pretty sure the 26K Shares are done mostly by girlfriends and wives.

Don’t believe? Just take a look at the video and see the number of “tags”. Most who were “shot” were, well, boyfriends and husbands.

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*All images from Facebook (Anthony蚂蚁)