Don’t Say Bojio: Up To 90% Off Brand New Books (Over 40,000 Titles!) At Big Bad Wolf Online Book Sale

Usually, the phrases ‘big bad wolf’ and ‘discounted books‘ would not mix in the same sentence.

After all, one’s an often misunderstood creature who just wanted to preserve an old lady’s legacy for eternity, and the other fiendish entities that hook up with your hard-earned cash.

Truly, they are as different as they come.

Yet, it seems that just like the yin and yang, these two notions have come together.

Though it would surely be a boon for all the book lovers out there, considering the sheer discount rates the books are going at.

Don’t Say Bojio: Up To 90% Off Brand New Books At Big Bad Wolf Booksale

According to Mothershipthe Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will be hitting the shores of Singapore this 15-18 October.

Shoppers will have access to millions of books and 40,000 book titles, both fiction and non-fiction, at up to 90% off recommended retail prices.

The sale will be exclusively online, with all books presented in brand-new condition.

Genres and categories of books at the sale include:

  • Bestseller titles
  • Novels
  • Science fiction
  • Romance
  • Literature
  • Graphic novels
  • Business books
  • Self-help
  • Architecture books
  • Cookbooks, and more

Books catering to children, such as activity books, board books, colouring books, picture books and interactive books will be included as well.

During the duration of the sale, shoppers will be able to order on the site and have their purchased item(s) shipped directly to them.


The sale was originally scheduled for 17 to 20 September 2020, but the dates were delayed due to a longer review process for the e-commerce site.

Apparently, the team at Big Bad Wolf intended for the site to “work impeccably […] for a great online experience,” which ultimately led to the decision.

According to the company, the books are excess stocks from international distributors.

The Big Bad Wolf Sale

Lest you’re wondering, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is not the first of its kind.

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Since its introduction in 2009, the company has travelled to the likes of South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and many more countries.

A positive notion for book lovers all around Asia, I bet.

However, it should be noted that previous instances have been physical in nature. 2020 marks the first virtual Big Bad Wolf Book Sale since its inception.

Image: ajyb.z/Foursquare

No prizes for guessing who’s the culprit for it going online.

Though the sale will only officially commence on 15 October, you can register for priority access to their preview sale on 14 October.

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And considering how the books are set to be priced at such heavily discounted rates, it may be wise to do some pre-sale preparations first.

And with that said…


Don’t say bojio ah. 😉

Because it’s time to get your hands on some really affordable books.

You can check out their Facebook page here for more details.

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