BKK Cinema Offers Unlimited Popcorn But Has to End Promotion Early


Popcorn and movies go hand in hand; it is a snack we will order when we watch a movie.

Even when a movie is boring, we won’t feel bored with popcorn on hand. 

Cinemas have grasped what their consumers like and executed it well into a promotion.

Maybe a little too well? 

BKK Cinema Offers Unlimited Popcorn

If you have been to Bangkok, you have probably been to Central World, one of the popular malls in Bangkok.

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The cinema in the mall, SF Cinema, has launched a promotion where customers had to pay 199 baht (about S$7.72), and they could bring a container of any size and fill it up with as much popcorn as they could.

The promotion took place on 28 November 2022 and was expected to be held from 10 am to 10 pm.


Customers were also entitled to refillable Coke.

SF Cinema specified which containers were allowed and which were not.

Image: SF Cinema / Facebook.com

Even large containers, pots, and water dispensers were allowed. The main criteria for a container are that it must be hygienic and food-grade.

The container must also be able to be lifted up by one person and not need any equipment to move it.

On the other hand, rubbish bins and swimming pool inflatables were not allowed. They probably had to specify if customers go all out to lug their rubbish bins out of the house. 

Image: SF Cinema / Facebook.com

Customers Really Went All Out 

As expected, the turnout for this promotion was overwhelming. Snaking queues formed, and all sorts of containers were spotted.

Some brought huge plastic containers, tubs, and even pots.

It feels like a competition for who brought the biggest container home. 

Image: SF Cinema / Facebook.com

One customer brought an entire buffet tray to the cinema as though the popcorn was for the whole village to enjoy. 

This is equivalent to 57kg of popcorn.

Image: SF Cinema / Facebook.com

The marketing director of SF Cinema said that they prepared more than 28,000kg of popcorn just for this event.

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They had to End the Promotion Early 

The promotion ended at around 5 pm on the same day, and queue numbers were issued to all customers.

Initially, they expected everyone to be served by 10 pm, but due to them bringing containers in different shapes and sizes, the process was delayed.

For customers who were not able to get their popcorn by midnight, SF Cinema will help to fill them up and deliver them to their houses for free.

Image: SF Cinema / Facebook.com

The Promotion was First Introduced in Vietnam 

Thailand was not the first country to introduce this promotion.

In October 2022, Vietnam’s Lotte Cinema started this promotion—filling up the containers of the first 500 customers.

Image: Nguyễn Ngọc Anh Tú / Facebook.com

The promotion lasts till 30 November 2022.

Likewise, customers came with different containers, including big pots and buckets.

Instead of throwing away the water dispenser refill in your office, it is time to keep it so you can fill them up with popcorn should the opportunity arise.

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Featured Image: SF Cinema / Facebook.com


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