Former Blackpink Fan Gave Harsh Review on Recent Blackpink Concert in S’pore

When Blackpink announced last year in August that they were going to perform in Singapore on 13 May as part of their Born Pink World Tour, Singaporean Blinks were overjoyed.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, going to a concert by arguably the biggest girl group in the world seemed like a great way to reestablish normalcy.

However, 13 May came by in a flash, and the concert happened. And let’s just say that the performance left some fans seeing red and feeling blue.

In fact, one individual who goes by the username @rukiyahayashi took to Reddit to share her candid two-cents on the concert on the r/kpoprants subreddit.

Describing herself as a “former hardcore Blink”, she tears the girl group a new one by detailing what went well and what didn’t.

The Pros

While @rukiyahayashi had a lot to criticise about the concert, she gave credit where credit was due.

However, it seemed like her compliments were limited to “great outfits”, or “great production”, or “great lighting”, or “great backup dancers”.

You know, the kind of comments you would give a friend who invites you to a performance by their improv comedy troupe and you struggle to find soemthing nice to say because you’re convulsing from the cringe?

“Production looked really fantastic. It’s honestly the most beautiful lighting I’ve seen in the National Stadium,” she said.

The Cons

To summarise the Redditor’s beef with the Blackpink concert, she felt that they had given a rather low-effort overall production.

Firstly she felt that the concert was not value for money as the tickets cost between $190 to $400.

With the ticket prices ranging from an arm to a leg, fans expected more bang for their buck. Unfortunately, they were met with a mere 1 hour and 40 minutes of entertainment.

That duration included the performances by the backup dancers and singers, as well as the VCRs, which are the videos that play on the big screen in between sets.

“That’s just really short no matter how you spin it,” she remarks.

She compares this to performances by TWICE, another Kpop girl group that consistently delivers performances exceeding three hours.

Next, she criticises Blackpink’s lacklustre interactions with their fans, which she calls a “major gripe” of hers.

It seemed like the group was going through the motions with all the enthusiasm of a teenager in an after-recess math class.

The group’s audience interactions were apparently as brief as a lightning strike, and most of what they did was praise Singapore’s food, and complain about the insanely hot weather.

Both very valid and true points, granted, but the fans wanted more.

And language barriers aren’t even an excuse here, because with the exception of Jisoo, all the girls are fluent in English.

“It makes me feel that my idol seems to just want to go back to the hotel room and rest rather than be forced to perform and interact with the crowd, and makes it hard for me to enjoy the concert.”

Moreover, their performance arrangements were apparently not innovative. The Redditor noticed that the group had recycled remixes and arrangements from their previous tour.

As a former dancer, she also commented that their choreography was learnable in an hour or two. She compared this to other groups, such as Mamamoo and BTS, who still pour their heart and souls into being on stage.

“There’s no real reason other than laziness to not go all out ESPECIALLY with how short the concert is (and the fact that Singapore is one of the last legs on the tour).”

The Redditor also gave a review of each individual member like an employer providing KPIs to their staff.

She mentions how Jisoo and Jennie were disappointing in their performances due to a lack of energy and effort given into putting on a good show.

And while Rose at least seemed to be trying, she did not stand out.

The real scene-stealer of the night was Lisa, who apparently made a concerted effort (pun intended) to entertain and interact with the crowd.

Fans are still buzzing over the moment during the performance where Lisa had taken a fan’s phone to record a video of herself.

Lisa Steals the Show, and Headlines

From the post’s comments, it seems like Blinks around the world agree that the Born Pink tour had been less than satisfactory.

However, the common consensus is that Lisa is a consistent performer and seems to give it her all.

“I think all of BP is extremely charismatic on screen but only Lisa consistently brings energy and charisma to her live performances,” says commenter @sirgawain2.

The Thai rapper and singer is noted as the one who tries to keep it at 100 every single concert.

Aside from the aforementioned phone incident, Lisa was recently spotted at Changi Beach restaurant, The Seagrill.

Her uncle is purportedly the head chef there.

So if you’ve been left feeling empty and hungry for more Blackpink after the concert, translate that into satisfying your stomach by giving The Seagrill some business.