Brothers With Rival Curry Puff Stalls: Family Speaks Up More About Older Brother’s Fiancée

If you’ve been bored by the lack of influencer drama in Singapore lately, here’s another “drama” that you probably don’t want to miss.

Those who visit Hong Lim Market and Food Centre often will probably know about the Tanglin Crispy Curry Puff stall, which was first founded by Ng Yong Cheong, now 86, back in 1952.

In recent years, however, some may have noticed that there have been two similar stalls at the same hawker centre just one stall away.

Earlier this week on 21 May, Shin Min Daily News reported on the conflict between the two sons of the founder, Peter and Ray Ng.

After manning the same stall in Hong Lim Market and Food Centre for around four years, the two brothers ended up splitting up their businesses after unresolvable conflict.

And yes, the new stall, currently owned by younger brother Ray Ng, ended up being just one stall away from the original stall, now manned by older brother Peter Ng.

Peter currently operates out of the original store with a new signboard that reads
Tanglin Crispy Curry Puff Original”.

On the other hand, Ray Ng operates just one stall apart from him with the original “Tanglin Crispy Curry Puff” signboard.

Amongst other factors, Peter, 56, mentioned that one main grudge he held with his family was how they treated his fiancée.

And now, it seems like the older Mr Ng and Ray, 50, have something to say regarding that as well, as they contacted Shin Min to tell their side of the story.

Business Used to be Run by Parents, Older Brother and Ex-Wife 

According to the older Mr Ng, the business used to be run by him, his wife, Peter and his then-wife.

However, after Peter got to know his current fiancée three years ago, his family claimed that his personality “completely changed” and caused many conflicts within the family.

The older Mr Ng mentioned that he told Peter that the curry puff business was a family business, and that he would not allow any outsiders to interfere or join it.

However, Peter apparently went against his father’s wishes.

Did Not Return to Stall, But Not to “Avoid Gossip”

Previously, Peter also brought up how his parents no longer visit either brother’s stall to “avoid gossip” and refrain from being accused by either brother of helping the other with their business.

However, his father refuted this claim and revealed the true reason behind why he does not visit the stalls anymore.

According to him, Peter and his current fiancée went to his house at around 11pm sometime before Chinese New Year this year to question why he would not let Peter’s fiancée help out at the stall.

Peter’s fiancée allegedly slammed the table and started scolding her fiancé’s father loudly, causing him to be hospitalised for three weeks due to being too worked up from the confrontation.

According to the elderly Mr Ng, he “did not even get to celebrate Chinese New Year this year”, and has been unable to return to the stall since then, even though it has been over two months since the incident occurred. He is currently still resting at home.

However, Peter has apparently not called to express his concern for his father even once.

The older Mr Ng also expressed how he is heartbroken and upset with the way his older son has been acting, given that he is “still around”.

He also mentioned that the stall is still his for as long as he is alive and that he hopes for Peter to return the stall to him and open another store elsewhere.

Peter’s Fiancée: Denies Scolding Fiancé’s Father

On the other hand, Peter’s fiancée had her own account of the story to tell the press as well.

When interviewed by Shin Min yesterday (22 May) morning, the 37-year-old lady surnamed Yang denied that she ever scolded the older Mr Ng.

She insisted that she only questioned his decision of not allowing her to help out at the family’s stall.

Apart from that, she revealed that she has been in Singapore for around 20 years, and took up Singaporean citizenship ten years ago. She used to work in sales and owns properties in Singapore as well.

She also explained that she found it unfair that Ray’s girlfriend could help out at the store but she could not, which was what prompted her to approach her fiancé’s father.

On the day of the confrontation, Yang said that Mr Ng Yong Cheong first slammed the table and shouted, which was why she retaliated by hitting the table while trying to reason with the older man.

Beyond the confrontation itself, she also claimed that during the first two months when she helped out, he would even scold her until she cried.

According to Yang’s perspective, Peter’s family has always seen her as a homewrecker.

Both Peter and Ray are divorced from their first wives.

While expressing her despair at being wronged, she said that the family should produce evidence if they really think that she is a homewrecker.

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Peter Echoes Fiancée Sentiments

Previously, Peter also brought up similar points as his fiancée.

In particular, he questioned why his parents were alright with his younger brother having a girlfriend after getting divorced, but were not okay with him doing the same.

He also highlighted that his parents have been obviously biased against his fiancée, and have even pushed her away when she tried to come down to the stall to help.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News