Despite More Media Reports of Blade-Related Incidents, Number of Cases Has Actually Remained Constant

March 2022 will definitely remain a notable month for the sheer number of crimes involving blades that occurred during it.

Watch this video and you’ll understand:

Here’s a comprehensive list of every one of them:

  1. Sword-swinger at Buangkok
  2. Razor-blade-slasher at Queenstown
  3. Knife-thrower at Bukit Batok
  4. Chopper-man at Bendemeer
  5. Knife-wielder at Bendemeer

The seemingly high number of violent incidents is what makes this next piece of information quite the surprise.

Number Of Knife-Related Crimes Remained Constant In Recent Years

Yes, we aren’t pulling your leg.

The number of knife-related crimes involving murder, robbery, rioting and serious hurt has remained relatively constant, averaging about 150 annually for the past five years.

This figure was revealed by Minister of State for Home Affairs Desmond Tan in Parliament on Monday (4 Apr).

He added that about 36 per cent of these crimes occurred in residential areas and 3 per cent happened in educational premises.

The remaining cases occurred in other public and commercial places.

Measures to Protect the Public

While the annual number of crimes might have remained constant, last month sparked much concern for the safety of the public.

This was especially so after the fateful day of 14 March when there were three violent incidents involving blades.

On what measures have been taken to protect the public, Mr Tan said, “For urgent incidents, including those involving dangerous weapons, police are generally able to respond within 15 minutes of the call.”

Mr Tan added that when a person refuses to comply with the police’s instructions and poses a threat to the lives of those around him, including the officers, they may use lethal force.

This was most recently seen when the knife-wielding man at Bendemeer was shot in the chest after he continued advancing toward police officers.

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Regulation of Weapons

Currently, the Ministry of Home Affairs regulates six items under the Arms and Explosives Act.

These are sword, spear, spearhead, dagger, bayonet and dangerous bows and arrows.

This list of regulated weapons will be expanded to include items such as knuckledusters and flick knives when the Guns, Explosives and Weapons Control Act replaces the Act later this year.

You can find out more about owning weapons in Singapore here.

Mr Tan said a practical approach to regulation needs to be taken as many items with common daily usage such as knives can become weapons.

We’re hoping this doesn’t happen but if you do encounter a violent incident, you can contact the police by dialling 999.

Mobile self-help stations, where members of the public can activate the police when needed, are also being tested in more secluded areas such as Punggol Park.

Well, we’re still going to keep our fingers crossed that April won’t add to the total count of violent incidents involving blades.

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