Man Caught on Video Swinging Sword at People & Cars at Buangkok Arrested

In a video that was captured on 14 March around 2pm, and subsequently uploaded to, featured a man with an unsheathed samurai sword threatening and slashing cars that went by.

The incident happened in front of Buangkok Crescent Mall.

Damaging Cars with His Sword

In the two-minute-long video, the man with a crew cut, dark tank top, and long pair of pants could be seen walking in the middle of the two-lane road as he approached a stationary car with a drawn sword in hand.

Then, he raises the sword and points it towards the window of the driver’s seat threateningly, which prompts the white car to move forward instantaneously, but the man proceeds to brandish his weapon and damage the vehicle rear.

The camera cuts to another perspective, and it is shown that the first car wasn’t his only victim; an audible “thunk” could be heard as he hits another passing white car.

Meanwhile, the driver in black car must have noticed what happened ahead, because they chose to take a right turn and travel away from the armed man.

Smart move.

Lunges for the Pedestrian

Upon seeing that the road is all but empty, the man switches targets instead, heading into the pedestrian crossing where some passers-by were waiting for the green light.

All of a sudden, around 27 seconds into the close-up video, he slashes at the darker-skinned man without any warning, but fortunately his victim had plastic bags to defend himself with.

His victim backs away as the assailant lurches forward again, except he trips and falls on the slippery pavement.

Without missing a beat, his victim first pins down the hand that is holding the weapon, with the man in the green shirt nearby dropping his own bags and coming to his aid.

The pair manage to subdue the man on the ground, while three more men in black rush forward to provide their assistance as well.

One of the men joins in constraining the perpetrator by applying his own weight, while another can be seen removing the sword and kicking it away.

According to the witnesses, these men kept the assailant immobilised until the police arrived at the scene.  

Damage Report

According to the police, they had been alerted to the man’s hostile presence on the road at 1:55pm, and they have since arrested the unidentified man for criminal intimidation and the possession of an offensive weapon.

The sword has been confiscated as a case exhibit.

In response to TODAYonline’s inquiries, the police stated that the unidentified man damaged at least three cars outside the Buangkok Square shopping centre.

Additionally, two members of the public, and the assailant himself, have sustained minor injuries.

No further details were provided about how the injuries were sustained.

Even though the police were brief with their statement, it doesn’t take a genius to know that it was probably the black-shirt and green-shirt man that were injured in the brief skirmish.

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If the assailant is found guilty of criminal intimidation, he could be imprisoned for up to two years, face a fine, or both.

For possessing an offensive weapon in a public space, he could be jailed for up to three years, and given at least six strokes of the cane.

Judging from the video, I get the sense that more charges might be doled out, like a “rash act of endangering a human life” because he was seriously attempting to hurt the dark-skinned man.

Had it not been for his quick wits and reflexes, the outcome of the short fight could have been far more sanguine and injurious. 

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