Police Officer Shot & Killed Knife-Wielding Man Who Didn’t Respond to Taser Shots


Yes, there is yet another knife-wielding man.

However, the police didn’t manage to nab him alive this time, firing a fatal shot when tasering didn’t work.

Here’s what happened.

Man Refused To Drop Weapon, Advanced Toward Officers

The police were alerted to a case around Block 33 Bendemeer Road, at about 4:07pm on 23 March.

A 64-year-old man was seen shouting and armed with a knife, walking up and down the block with the knife. He had even walked towards a student in uniform, but the student was thankfully able to walk away.

When the police officers arrived at the scene, the man came out of a flat in the block, brandishing the knife at officers.

Officers told the man to drop the weapon multiple times, but the man did not comply and started advancing toward the officers.

Fired Shot At Man’s Chest

Three taser shots were fired, and the officers stepped back to create more distance between them and the man. Despite this, the man continued to advance toward the officers, creating a threat to their safety.

This warranted one of the officers to fire a shot from his service pistol at the man, who then fell to the ground after suffering a gunshot wound to his chest.

Officers did cardiopulmonary resuscitaton (CPR) on the unconscious man before taking him to the hospital. He was pronounced dead at 5:13pm.

This is the first time the police has fired a fatal shot since 2015, where officers fired at a car that rammed through police barriers in attempt to crash into a high-level security summit.

Wanted By CNB, Had Previously Injured Officers

The police revealed that this man is a known drug offender, and is on the Central Narcotics Bureau’s wanted list. Sure enough, drug apparatus was found in his flat.

The man also had an ongoing investigation for offences of rash acts and voluntarily causing hurt to deter a public servant from doing his duty. This was because he had supposedly thrown items out of his flat window, and had used a chair to injure a police officer previously.

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Series of Sharp-Object-Wielders in Recent Weeks

Thre was the chopper-wielder at Bendemeer Market and Food Centre, the sword-swinger along Buangkok Crescent, and the knife-wielder at Clementi Police Division.

Reader Bao: Hey, so this is the fourth sharp-and-dangerous-object-wielder in the last month! What’s going on?

Yes, this is the fourth major incident, not counting the other incidents like razor-blade-slashing and throwing a knife at an officer’s cheek. Scary, isn’t it?


Well, Reader Bao, there doesn’t seem to be any correlation between all the different knife/chopper/sword-wielders. But this certainly is a cause for concern, given that Singapore usually doesn’t see such acts of public violence.

The police have noticed this worrying trend too. But the Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police and Commander of Central Police Division, Jeremy Ang, assures us that the police will subdue anyone who poses danger to the public or the officers.

Even if that means facing dangerous situations and needing to take decisive action, like firing a shot. After all, the police have a duty to ensure public safety.

Investigations on this case are still ongoing.

You can also watch this video to know more about the blade incidents that happened last week:


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