Your Blood Type Determines How You Treat Your SO. Agree?

Have you ever wondered what lies in your bloodstream? What if I told you that your blood type can determine your personality? Or, even better, determine how you treat your significant other? 

Fear not, this there isn’t any black magic going around here. According to Koreans and multiple East Asian countries, everything about who you are can be told by your blood type. (Insane, huh?)

Blood Type A


Blood type A people are excellent listeners and they make good friends. Given that they are kind and full of compassion, they like to put others’ interests and needs before their own. This results in them having the tendency to bottle things up, hence they don’t open up easily to people.

When it comes to love, they are equally selective. However, when they actually choose you to be their partner, they’ll let you in on their complexities and show you sides that only you are privy to. They are very caring individuals that will make sure their partners are happy. If you are in a relationship with a type A person, you’ve gotten yourself a sweetheart! They will always show their love in the different ways they care for you. 

Blood Type B


Blood type B people are passionate people. Just like a typical extrovert, they are outgoing and friendly; often the life of the party. Hands down, they are the type of friends you would want to have to inject some excitement.

Given that type Bs are fun and imaginative people, there will never be a boring moment in a relationship with them. However, they can quick-tempered due to their expressive nature. This might come across as harsh, but really- they don’t always mean what they say. Because when a B loves, they really cherish that special someone. (Aww!)

Blood Type AB


Blood type AB people are very much known for their “split personality”. They tend to show off an array of different traits, making them some of the most unpredictable balls of energy.

Ranging from shy to outgoing, rational to irrational, their quirks will definitely hold their partner enthralled! AB appreciates intellectual conversations as well, hence their partner will be able to experience the different sides of AB, making their relationship a blast.

Blood Type O


Blood type O people are natural people-pleasers and leaders at heart who want their friends to be happy. They’re flexible, open-minded, and easygoing, making them the ultimate companion. Upfront and honest, they make reliable friends whom you can count on to be there for you through thick and thin.

Same goes for their partners; Os are emotionally expressive and will tend to shower their significant other with love and affection. While they do not hesitate to express their love, they crave for the same treatment as well!

Now that you’ve gotten to know these blood types better, do you second that your blood type determines how you treat your SO? 

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