Police Confirms Viral Footage of Bloody Severed Leg is Real & It Happened in Queenstown


If you’ve recently caught a glimpse of a video featuring a bloody severed leg near rubbish bins and cardboard boxes in Singapore, here’s the bad news.

It’s a real video.

No, not a one-month-in-advance crude April fool’s prank.

And if you didn’t get to watch what happened in the video before it got taken down from social media site Facebook, here’s a TL;DR version of what happened.

The Video

The video, which is approximately 15 seconds long, caught a few rubbish bins and cardboard boxes near the rubbish chute area of what appears to be an HDB block on camera.

Innocent and harmless enough.

However, the video suddenly changes its focus halfway and shifts to feature a severed left leg for around 5 seconds before the video ends.

The leg seemed to be cut with precision just below the knee.

Well, not very innocent and harmless anymore…

After watching the video, some netizens (understandably) said that their appetite was ruined.

Others also pointed out that the leg might be a prosthetic. However, police updates have proven otherwise; the case has been confirmed to be a real one that took someone’s life.

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Police Updates

As reported by Lianhe Zaobao, police arrived at the scene after being alerted to it at around 12.35 pm on 4 March.

It was also revealed that the incident occurred at Blk 37 Margaret Drive and that the person whose leg was shown in the video was a 31-year-old man. The man was found to be completely still and motionless when the police and paramedics found him.

Unfortunately, paramedics were unable to resuscitate the man and pronounced his death at the scene.

Since then, the police has classified this case as a case of unnatural death. However, based on preliminary investigations by the police, no foul play is suspected.

Investigations are currently ongoing.


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Featured Image: Facebook