S’porean Girlfriend Complained That Boyfriend’s Parents Just Gave a $10 CNY Ang Bao


Gong xi fa cai, hong bao na lai (Wishing you a prosperous Lunar New Year, give me a red packet).

We look forward to the money inside the prosperous red packets every Lunar New Year. We would compare how much each aunty and uncle give to us.

However, we usually keep mum about the amount, especially if it comes from our significant other’s parents.

One Redditor’s girlfriend was dissatisfied that she only received $10 from her boyfriend’s parents. He took her displeasure to Reddit and voiced his frustration about her entitlement for everyone to see.

Girlfriend Unhappy with $10 Red Packet from Boyfriend’s Parents

Posting to Subreddit r/askSingapore, the Redditor lamented that his girlfriend was unhappy about receiving $10 from his parents.

The Redditor is from Malaysia, and his parents live in Johor Bahru. His parents’ standard practice was gifting $10 to their relatives, even to the Redditor himself and his siblings.

However, to the girlfriend, the $10 red packet she received was abysmal, as it was the lowest she had received from all her relatives in Singapore. She was also upset that the notes were not new.


In addition, she thinks there should be a standard rate for Lunar New Year red packets, similar to those given at weddings.

The Redditor was upset as he believed that red packets were a gesture of goodwill and were only meant to be blessings from the elderly.

Furthermore, he added that his parents were retired and had no income.

Upon hearing these explanations from him, the girlfriend was enraged for “brushing aside her feelings” and “being defensive” of his parents.

She even picked her battles, poking how it would be “inappropriate” if he only packed RM10 or RM50 for the red packets for his parents.

The Singaporean girlfriend must have seen one too many Red Packet rate guides pumped out on the internet and expects life to be the same.

The Redditor has since deleted his post after it started gaining traction. However, the internet is forever. You can read his full post over here.

Image: Unddit.com

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Redditors’ Response to Original Poster’s Girlfriend

Redditors were outraged about the girlfriend’s reactions to the red packet. They believed that red packets are symbolic gestures and should be affordable for the person gifting them.

They called out the original poster’s girlfriend for being calculative about the red packet she received.

Image: Reddit.com

Some Redditors, however, chalked her behaviour down to her family culture. It might be possible that she might be brought up in a different culture. Her family might expect a return on investments regarding red packets.

Image: Reddit.com

Redditors also cautioned that he should talk things through with his girlfriend, or else the relationship would be on the rocks regarding future financial issues.

Image: Reddit.com

Often, we forget that it is the thought that counts when it comes to the amount inside.

Hopefully, this is not the last Lunar New Year gathering she’ll attend as his plus one.

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