Bride’s Parents Walk Down The Aisle For Couple After Groom Was Hospitalised

Image: Twitter user @_acabellas

There are many kinds of parents in the world.

But all parents are willing to do a thing or 2 for their child. Cause, you know, own flesh and blood and stuff.

It’s not unusual for spoiled kids like me to throw things I don’t want to do to my parents instead.

Ma, help me wash my clothes I got homework to do!

Ma, I want to eat crab bee hoon today.

Ma, help me buy that thing can?

Chances are, no matter what you ask, no matter how small or big, they will say yes.

Well, the above are all directed at Ma, but I’m guessing if Pa is not out there increasing our bank account numbers, he’d be willing to do the same.

W-Would he?

Of course, any parent would. Here’s an illustration of what parents do:

Image: Reddit user u/Nakoshi_Niyander

But what about…

Ma, Pa, can you help me attend my wedding?

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

Groom hospitalised for an operation, bride’s parents fill in

Image: Twitter user @_acabellas

The tweet above says that the real bride and grooms weren’t able to come because the groom, unfortunately, has an operation, but the best part is the parents replacing them.

The photos went viral on Twitter with 14.1k retweets and 16.8k likes.

Apparently, the father was spotted crying at the table when they sat down to eat.

Image: Twitter user @_acabellas

Their parents also look quite young, if nobody knows we thought the real wedding hor?

Netizens seem to think so, complimenting them on their good looks.

The actual couple was at the hospital.

Image: Twitter user @fatheenjeffry_

According to WorldofBuzz‘s translation of Pnews, the groom had a comfortable stomach on the wedding rehearsal, and went to the clinic where he was suspected of having appendicitis.

Turns out, he had kidney stones and immediate surgery was advised.

Image: Twitter user @_acabellas

As for the surgery, the groom underwent an ERCP surgery at Hospital Selayang on 5 September 2019, according to this tweet that the bride sent to thank all the twitter users for retweeting and their support:

Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery.

Just remember, even if your parents brought you up in a different way…

Image: Memestache

They’re more than likely to be willing to do anything for you.