This ‘Bro-Bro’ Conversation About Lending Money Is Common But ‘The Bro Factor’ Makes It Viral

Have you ever wondered what it takes for a ‘bro’ to become a ‘hoe’? (Hoe standing for Heinous Overzealous Eyesore)

While the very idea might seem alien to you, seeing how you’re still rocking it with your bro of 20 years, believe me when I say this.

Not all ‘bros’ are, to put it bluntly, real.

On 10 October 2017, Facebook user Soon Wei Chiang published a rather derogatory post on the social media site.

Caption: Please beware of this guy Xiao Andy. Let see the difference Before lending him and after lending him. Left balance 100$ also Wan run. Lack of responsibility and worst attitude.

Apart from the fact that the other guy’s name is Xiao Andy, it just intrigues the ‘kay-poh’ king in you. What exactly happened?

And we proceeded to scroll through the images.

Things started out well enough. Mr ‘F**king Piece of Shit’, ex-name Xiao Andy, had asked Soon for a favour: a $300 loan.

Being a real bro, Soon agreed to lend Xiao Andy the amount. This despite the fact that he didn’t sound very well-off himself.

Aww, a heart. So sweet. #bromance

And that, guys, was the start of a long-running, torrid relationship revolving around lies, deceit, betrayals, hatred and literal tornadoes.

And after a long bit of flirting, the money has finally changed hands.

All the thumbs up emojis are making me tear up.

It seems that during this lapse in time, Xiao Andy had returned $200.

Even Soon, an evidently tolerant man, was getting kinda antsy.

Warning: the following image contains insane amounts of pent-up rage and 18+ content. Scroll to the bottom if you’re a kid still drinking milk, or if you suffer from EOS (Easily Offended Syndrome).

Oh you’re still here? Orh-hor, I’m gonna tell your mum.

On a serious note, you know what they say: “Never drive a nice guy into a corner.”

It releases their darkest thoughts, and manifests them in reality.

To be fair, Xiao Andy was trying to find a job (at least according to him).

Never mind the fact that he ignored Soon for a few days without any valid reason.

Rule no. 1 of the bro book: never bring your mums into the equation.

It’s just impolite.

Yaya Papaya.

Sorry, please continue.

Very unless, indeed.

And that, folks, was the end of the movie: From Bros to Hoes. I hope you enjoyed it, and please leave a 5-star rating on their official site brostohoes fakebros!

The complete and utter disintegration of a once beautiful ‘bro’ relationship.

This whole drama proved one thing. He might be your bro for now. But that doesn’t mean he will be your bro forever.

Hah, long-lasting bro relationships?

More like long-lasting hoe relationships.



At the end of the day, not all bros become hoes

There’s still a light at the end of the tunnel.

For there are bros out there who continue to contravene the policy, “Hoes over Bros”.

Like this pair.

Image: Allkpop

So rest assured, bros out there. One example won’t pollute your beautiful friendships.

So guys, stay…


But…just one thing to add.

When you lend anyone money, even if it’s a bro, consider the money gone. #lifetip

‘Coz people are often quick to borrow and slow to return. If they ever return at all, that is.

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*All images from Facebook (Soon Wei Chiang)