Bukit Panjang Commuters Can Soon Borrow Power Banks From SMRT For Their Journey

Is your phone always on the verge of dying? Never ever have an umbrella at hand when it starts pouring cats and dogs? Having sore arms from lugging all those groceries back home?

Don’t worry, for an unlikely hero has descended on our shores


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SMRT’s first WeCare shop

SMRT’s first ever WeCare shop at the upcoming Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) will be open on Sept 4.

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And commuters can actually borrow power banksshopping trolleys and umbrellas from it!

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Nope, not kidding.

You simply have to show your NRIC at the shop before taking the items.

There’s a three day grace period for you to return what you borrowed, and if you conveniently forgot about it don’t worry; they will call you to remind you.

So no sneaky acts, eh?

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According to Mr Tan Kian Heong, managing director of SMRT, they don’t just want people to board the bus and go, but also experience convenience and comfort while they are there.

Bukit Panjang ITH

It’s actually the ninth such hub in Singapore, but’s the first to be operated by SMRT. The hub will facilitate smooth travel between the new air-conditioned bus interchange and the Bukit Panjang MRT and LRT stations.

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(The other 8 ITHs are located in Toa Payoh, Sengkang, Ang Mo Kio, Boon Lay, Serangoon, Clementi, Bedok and Joo Koon)

The Bukit Panjang ITH will stretch 6,800 sq m (a bit larger than your average football field) and proffer services like interactive kiosks, charging stations and braille plates in lifts and at queuing areas.

The interactive kiosks are wall-mounted and will show bus departure times, as well as offer maps and directories for navigation around the ITH.

Toilet facilities will be enhanced, and they will be equipped with an electronic feedback system (like the ones at Changi Airport).


This is so cool, and it’s a really good concept.

Many a time we find ourselves stuck in the rain without an umbrella, so offering umbrellas for loan will definitely tick with many people.

The trolleys would be ideal for people keen on mass-shopping too.

As for the power banks, I’m sure everyone will be hankering after it.

C’mon let’s just be honest. Whether every single power bank finds it’s way back, however, is an entirely different thing.

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But I see you’re really trying to make up for the train delays, huh, SMRT?


You know we still love you right?

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