Wah, A S’pore Magazine Said Nasi Lemak Burger Might Be Back in McDonald’s End Aug


Remember the Nasi Lemak burger?

Image: Channel News Asia

You probably do. When it landed on our shores on July 13, it captivated the entire nation.

Except for the minority who insists that it does not taste like the real Nasi Lemak and therefore sucks.

Unfortunately, our romance with the alluring burger proved short-lived.

Within less than two weeks, the great King McDonald’s decided to take the sexy princess (the burger) for his own, and we were left heartbroken and with our stomachs grumbling.

Alright technically McDonald’s claimed that the burger was sold out, but our bodies ruled over our minds so we aren’t accepting that excuse… happily anyway.

Well, there might just be a light at the end of that tunnel. According to 8 Days, the burger might be back by the end of August,

Image: gifimagesdownload.com

Close that mouth first; there’s an emphasis on the might.

8 days apparently has a ‘reliable’ source – that requested to be anonymous – that confidently said that the burger, along with sidekicks Chendol McFlurry and Bandung McFizz, will make a return by end August 2017.

They have reached out to McDonald’s, but the fast food giant did not confirm nor deny the allegation.

What are the chances?

There’s actually a high possibility of it happening.

Think about it; the burger’s really popular on its release, and people are still craving for it a month after the end of its tenure.

There’s bound to be a shit ton of money to be made there!

And then there’s the source.

With 8 days‘ reputation, it’s hard to consider an untrustworthy person as a reliable source. Chances are that the source is someone working at McDonald’s. Maybe even someone higher up the food chain.

Or it could have been leaked on purpose.


But of course, I’m just speculating. And hoping.

Guess we just gotta wait

Only time will tell whether the burger will return to our arms. For everyone’s sake (alright mostly mine), I hope that the rumour’s true.

To McDonald’s:

Image: tumblr.com

In the meantime, why not try the other versions out there? There are some that look legitimately appetizing.

Like the Beast’s version:

Image: 8 days

Or HK Street Old Chun Kee’s burger, which looks really reminiscent of the actual Nasi Lemak.

Image: 8 days

As for me, I will just be twiddling my thumbs and waiting for my elusive McDonald’s burger to come out.

Image: me.me/t.com

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