Burger King Launching Chocolate Whopper with Mashed Up Fries from 1 Apr to 15 Apr

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We’ve truly come to a point where no bizarre food combinations can shock us any longer.

Bubble Tea Pizza, nasi lemak ice cream, you name it, someone’s probably thought of it.

And now… make way for beef and chocolate.

Burger King’s New Chocolate Whopper 

No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke, as much as you may wish it was.

Burger King’s signature Whopper burger’s getting a sweet makeover with chocolate – in the form of the Chocolate Whopper.

Image: Burger King

Just like a normal burger would be, it consists of a flame-grilled patty topped with onions and tomatoes, sandwiched between two sesame burger buns – but now only with the addition of loads of chocolate sauce.

Irene Tay, Burger King’s marketing director, expressed her confidence that the sweet and savoury combination would be sold out in “double quick time.”

Customers also have the option to customise their Chocolate Whopper, where ingredients can be added or removed at will.

What an unimaginable taste, eh?

The Return Of The Mashed Up Fries

The chocolate frenzy doesn’t just stop at the burger, whether you like it or not.

Last year, Burger King also got Singaporeans talking with the launch of their Mashed Up Fries – which are basically hot fries served together with a cold chocolate sundae.

Image: Burger King

The special, limited-time item was inspired by the rather weird yet popular combination of dipping one’s fries into their ice cream.

Now, it’s back in its full glory to enjoy with the Chocolate Whopper.

Customers who order the Chocolate Whopper only through the Burger King app will receive a free Mashed Up Fries side, which won’t be available for purchase in-store.


If you’re a true chocolate lover, you can even opt to add on yet another peculiar combination involving chocolate if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

Image: Burger King

For S$3.90, customers can add-on a side of 6-piece Nugget Dippers that come along with – you guessed it – a tub of chocolate sauce. 

Maybe Burger King’s aiming to run their own chocolate factory now.

You can order the Chocolate Whopper from now until 15th April through the Burger King app and digital kiosks in-store for S$6.40 on its own.

Meals including the burger, small coke and medium fries will set you back S$7.40.

Are you angry at someone now, and can’t get him or her out of your mind? Well, watch this video and you’ll know what to do next:

As strange as the combination sounds, it’s likely that Singaporeans will be rushing to try it, so it’s wise to be quick if you’re one of them!

Featured Image: Burger King 

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