Bus Driver Kept His Cool Like Cucumber When Passenger Scolded Him Non-stop

What would you do if an obviously intoxicated man kept throwing insults in your direction for no particular reason?

Some may choose to return the favour, and some may even decide to attack, depending on the content of said insults.

It takes someone special to respond like they’re responding to compliments, and this bus driver looked like he did exactly that.

A courteous smile, friendly wave, and immediately closing the door as the offending party leaves the bus made this bus driver a symbol of exemplary service. Even at night, when one would expect him to be tired, and much less likely to respond favourably to anyone at all, he remained calm and smiling the whole time.

Power lah, bus captain! Don’t know how you can keep such a friendly demeanour, but it makes the bus trip that much more enjoyable as passengers, and probably for you too as a driver. Thank you for defusing the situation without escalation, and we all can learn from you.

Image: Facebook (Fabrications About The PAP)

Hands down the coolest and chill-est MF among bus captains, right here. You just won the Internet.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Fabrications About The PAP)

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