4 Bus Operators Moving from Golden Mile to Tai Seng & Thai Supermarket Moving to Aperia Mall

Practically everyone who has lived in Singapore for long enough knows that you can go to Golden Mile Complex near Nicoll Highway MRT station to get a quick fix for your Thai food cravings or pick out some items from a supermarket stocking Thai ingredients.

Others who are even more in touch with our nearest neighbour know that Golden Mile Complex is also a congregation point for bus companies offering long-distance coach rides to various parts of Malaysia.

The most savvy of us combine both together – we hit up a late night mookata for dinner before hopping onto an overnight coach to Kuala Lumpur, Genting or anywhere else in Malaysia you wish to go.

But that comforting experience may soon be a thing of the past.

Golden Mile Complex is shutting down, tenants are moving out before May this year and not all to the same location.

Four Bus Operators Will Relocate to Tai Seng

There are many existing bus or coach operators situated within Golden Mile Complex now after almost 50 years of operations, but not all of them will be moving to the same location.

Four of the bus operators, however, will be sticking together and moving to Grantral Mall@MacPherson.

You read that right, it’s not Grand Central Station in New York city, it’s Grantral Mall at MacPherson Road.

The four operators are: Transtar Travel, Sri Maju Tours and Travel, The One Travel & Tours and Super-Nice Express (previously known as Grassland).

According to Transtar, they will officially commence operations at Grantral Mall@MacPherson on 1 April and operations at Golden Mile Complex will continue until then.

This new location is also ideal given that it has office units and adequate places for their staff to rest, complete with sufficient parking space for the buses.

For us travellers, this mall is also a good location. It’s conveniently located near Tai Seng MRT station, so travelling with a luggage is less of a hassle. Not to mention, convenient for those of you who go to Genting and strike it big at the casinos to travel home via public transport one last time before you buy a car.

If you are a regular of other bus operators who operate out of Golden Mile Complex, you may have to get used to taking the bus from other locations.

Starmart Express will be calling the nearby Golden Mile Tower their new home while Star Qistna has not yet decided on their fresh location (though Little India Arcade on Serangoon Road could be one).

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Thai Supermarket Will Relocate to Lavender

The popular Thai Supermarket where all of us get our Thai ingredients from will move to Aperia Mall near Kallang, which is easily accessible from Lavender MRT station.

Operations will cease at Golden Mile Complex on 9 April and you can look forward to its re-opening at the new location around end-April or early May.

Their online store, thaisupermarket.sg, will also continue to operate to bring a piece of the Land of Smiles to you.

While it is regretful that this supermarket, which was set up in 1987 by five brothers, will cease to operate at its original location after almost four decades, we’re excited to see what the new phase brings us.

Apart from selling groceries, the new Thai Supermarket will reportedly include two mini-restaurants, three food kiosks and still have space for an additional four small businesses. Product offerings are also being looked at for improvement.

Sounds like a party to us (and no, we don’t mean siam dius).

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Featured Image: Shutterstock / Dr David Sing