Company Ghosted Woman After She Accidentally Transferred $2,888 to Them


With so many online services like digital banking being incredibly accessible at our fingertips nowadays, it’s no secret that paying and making bank transfers with our phones have become the norm.

And it’s all cool and fun and games until you realise you’ve accidentally transferred money to the wrong person.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened to a woman in Singapore who accidentally transferred $2,888 to a floral company.

And to make things worse, the company ghosted her after she contacted them and tried to get their money back.

Here’s what happened.

Initially Wanted to Transfer Money to Another Savings Account of Her Own

When recounting the incident, the woman surnamed Huang (Hanyu pinyin) explained to Shin Min Daily News that she usually transfers her salary to another bank account that she uses to store her savings.

She said that she does this to avoid overspending.

On 18 January this year, she proceeded with the transfer as usual but accidentally chose the wrong bank account to transfer it to.

She revealed that she made the transfer in her living room at around 7 am that morning and that the lights in her house were switched off at that time, which was why she did not notice her mistake at first.

When she realised that she had transferred money to the wrong account, she immediately informed her son.

She also contacted the bank on the day itself and was told that she would need to wait for a week for the bank to try and contact the other party.


The bank also said that she would need to wait up to three weeks to get her money back.

Found Out Which Company the Account Belonged to After Asking a Friend

Initially, Ms Huang, 54, did not know to who she transferred the money as there was no indication of a company or person’s name on the transaction.

However, her friend managed to help her find out who she transferred it to via an account search after she brought it up to her friend on 28 January.

Her friend was able to find out that the account belonged to a floral company, and Ms Huang realised that she had bought a flower wreath from the company before.

According to her, the last time she had any contact with the company was in November 2020.

Upon figuring out this information, Ms Huang immediately called the company, but no one picked up.

Was Left on Read by Company, Unable to Reach Them Via Call Either

After being unable to reach them via call, Ms Huang left the company a message and explained that she accidentally transferred money to the wrong account.

She also said that she hoped that the company would return the money that she transferred to them.

However, the company replied by saying that they did not receive the money and told Ms Huang that she had sent the message to the wrong person.

Afterwards, Ms Huang sent the company a screenshot of the transaction.


The company then left her on read.

Since then, she has been unable to get ahold of them via phone as her calls are unable to get through to them.

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Ms Huang then expressed her despair and said that she does not know if she will be able to get her money back.

She added that she hopes that the company will take the initiative to contact her if they come across her interview with Shin Min.

At the same time, she also hopes that her experience will serve as a reminder to members of the public to check if the recipient of their money is the correct one before carrying out online transactions.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News