Bus Captain Spotted “Someone” on Upper Deck from CCTV But Found No One There

Last Updated on 2023-02-16 , 10:10 am

Imagine this: you’re a bus driver, and before you start your shift, when you look at the CCTV, you spotted a ghostly figure on the upper deck of your bus.

There shouldn’t be anyone there, of course, as it’s supposed to be empty.

What do you do?

Film the process, of course.

Bus Captain Spotted “Someone” on Upper Deck from CCTV But Found No One There

Earlier this morning, Facebook Page Supernatural Confessions, a local Facebook Page that aims to be “a platform for people to share their supernatural experiences in a community that does not ridicule them”, posted a Facebook video that’s allegedly taken by a local bus driver.

The video started with the guy speaking in Malay, filming the CCTV of the upper deck of the bus.

As he pointed his camera at the CCTV, he said, “Look, someone is there, right?”

While not obvious, there appears to be something or someone (almost like a ninja) on one of the seats.

Image: Facebook (Supernatural Confessions)

He then added, almost like a commentary, “It’s too early; how can there be someone there?”

With his camera, he then went up to investigate.

Image: Facebook (Supernatural Confessions)

There was, as expected, no one there, and the bus driver appeared to be extremely calm.

Suffice to say, this video has gone extremely viral, with over 1,600 Shares in less than seven hours.

But is it true?

You can watch this video of a blue cat giving three reasons why it might be staged:

Some People Aren’t Convinced

Here’s the captions of the video:

This footage was taken by the bus driver. He noticed someone was sitting on the upper deck but to his knowledge the bus is totally empty. He decided to check it out and to his horror, no one was there. This was taken in wee hours of the morning.

Credit to Syed Wilson from Dark Arts Of Syed Wilson who forwarded this video to us.

Syed Wilson is also our guest for this Friday Night Live show.

From the video, the time stamp 7:16, which seems to indicate the time it needed to be at somewhere around Punggol, could be seen, so it’s likely that this incident appeared shortly before that. And because it still looked dark, it’s like 6+ am.

Image: Facebook (Supernatural Confessions)

Not sure about you, but 6 am surely isn’t considered wee hours to me.

Some people commented that it could have been staged, as the top CCTV and the bottom CCTV, which should be similar in real time, don’t seem to match, as there were lights moving on the top CCTV (which doesn’t make sense, too, since the bus isn’t moving), but the one below is static.

Image: Facebook (Supernatural Confessions)

Nevertheless…we would know this Friday, when Syed Wilson comes in to be a guest for the Friday Night Live Show, right?

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Featured Image: Facebook (Supernatural Confessions)