Buying Plastic Teeth Aligners Online? They Could Harm Your Teeth


Ahh, beautifully aligned pearly white teeth. Who could resist those, right?


(Dustin, my man!)

For those of you who’ve thought of straightening your teeth, I’m sure you’ve done a fair amount of research.

That being said, if you have yet to straighten your teeth, chances are, you’re being put off by the price of the procedure.

Yup. Orthodontists typically charge around $3000 to $10,000 for straightening your teeth.


That’s right. As such, many of you must have considered the alternatives.

What alternatives, you ask?


It’s none other than them plastic teeth aligners. Teeth alignment aids like plastic braces are being sold on the internet, with prices ranging from $7 to $50.

A far cry from $10,000, isn’t it?

However, the Association of Orthodontists (Singapore) warns that such products may be harmful to the user.

“Using the generic, one-size-fits-all appliances that can be bought from the Internet potentially puts the user at risk,” said Dr Mohanarajah Senathirajah, the president of the AOS.


These plastic aligners could potentially affect the development of the jaw and alignment of the tooth. You see, everyone’s teeth and jaws are structured differently.

Hence, dental aids have to be custom made, so that it can be used to fix specific problems.

Some websites selling the plastic teeth aligners have claimed that any pain or soreness caused by the device is normal and there is no cause for alarm.


Remember, they are merchants and not doctors. They will say anything just to earn your money (Well yes, the doctors are also earning your money but at least they’re not wrecking your teeth).

Besides, such devices may not have been tested for safety. Maybe you’re just stuffing a chunk of poison into your mouth. Who knows?


“Unlike shopping for clothes on the Internet, such a practice of selling medical products should not be taken lightly as it may cause more harm than good.” said Dr Mohanarajah Senathirajah.


Yeah, the doctor’s right, you know. I, for one, would never stuff something like that in my mouth. Geez, the repercussions might affect me for the rest of my life. I definitely don’t want to lose all my teeth before I turn 30.

I would suggest for you guys to just pay the money and make sure nothing bad happens. For all you know, the fees to fix the damages caused by the plastic aligners might just be more than $10,000.

With that being said, just don’t be a cheapskate lah.

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