Fans Got Concerned After BY2’s Yumi Bai’s Weight Dropped to 42kg

Fans of Singaporean duo BY2 are well aware that member Yumi Bai has always been on a health and fitness kick for many years now.

The 31-year-old singer often updates her fans on social media platform Instagram about her progress, posting photos of herself at the gym.

While society would normally applaud individuals adopting healthier and more active lifestyles, fans of Bai are feeling rather worried that the singer is taking things a little bit too far.

Bai Reveals Her Weight has Dropped to 42KG

BY2, consisting of twins Miko and Yumi Bai, began their career as singers in 2008 by releasing their studio album NC 16. They swiftly rose to fame in China, topping music charts in Taiwan as well.

While they had marketed themselves as the cute and loveable girl-next-door idols early in their career, the Bai sisters had gradually transformed their image into sophisticated, classy women.

In a recent post dated 12 March 2024, Yumi Bai revealed a series of photos of her in the gym, clad in a skin-tight pink crop top that showed off her slender midriff.

Image: Instagram (@yumisecrets)
Image: Instagram (@yumisecrets)

In the accompanying caption, she wrote, “Recently, many people have asked me why I am so thin. I thought it was nothing, but my weight dropped to 42 kilograms.”

For context, Bai is 1.64m tall, making her underweight according to her BMI. 

However, Bai also clarified in the same post that she is still eating normally, writing, “Even my family is very worried about me, which means that I really did not deliberately skip meals.”

“Maybe I am just feeling a little tired. Let’s keep going!”

Comments from concerned fans advised the singer to eat more, with most of them telling her to prioritise rest and nutrition intake. 

One netizen also humorously quipped that they are afraid that “wind would blow (Bai) away”.

Bai had also responded to some comments, acknowledging the fact that she has not been eating well, but is working hard on gaining her weight back.

Bai’s Past Relationship with Her Body

Seemingly, Bai always had struggles with her body since she was a child.

Bai had shared a photo on social media in April last year that compared her figure from 2017 to 2023, showing the significant change her body had undergone after vigorous exercise.

Image: Instagram (@yumisecrets)

In that post, she shared that from a young age, she was prone to obesity and had a chubby body.

“I had very low self-esteem, and exercise saved me. Fat is a girl’s lifelong enemy. Did you run 5KM today?” 

In 2022, Bai’s image in the public eye had also taken a harsh hit when news surfaced of her allegedly having an affair with the Taiwanese singer Wang Leehom, at the time of his messy divorce scandal.

She was also rumoured to have attempted to take her own life and had to have her stomach pumped at the ER as a result.

Her twin sister, Miko Bai, also once stated that Bai’s body, at one point, was “so thin that only bones were left”.

Perhaps it is the lingering aftereffects from the stress, but we hope that Bai will continue to improve her relationship with food and her body.