Former CAG Family Helper Finally A Free Woman After She’s Acquitted Of Her Last Charge


I know, you’re feeling confused right now.

I thought she was free already? 

Well, let me explain.

Earlier, Ms Parti Liyani was acquitted for four charges relating to theft.

In a landmark appeal that shook Singaporeans even greater than the sudden hiatus of bubble tea shops, the judge presiding the trial acquitted her of her first four charges because of her ex-employers’ “inconsistent motives”.

It’s so inconsistent that relevant authorities, including the Singapore Police Force, the Attorney-General’s Chambers and every wannabe detective on the internet, want to find out what really happened.

Turns out, there’s one more under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order & Nuisance) Act which accused her of having items she had “obtained fraudulently”.


But today, she was also cleared of that last charge.

Former Helper With CAG Family Cleared Of All Charges, Finally A Free Woman

On 8 Sep 2020, it was reported that Ms Parti was granted a discharge amounting to an acquittal for the last charge, which was for the fraudulent possession of property.

Prosecutors had applied for the charge to be withdrawn.

When she was charged with the offence last year, it detailed 18 items in her possession that she was suspected to have “fraudulently obtained” (read: stolen).


According to, the items include:

  • One ValueMax pawnshop ticket
  • One red Ezlink card
  • One green Ezlink card
  • One white Ezlink card
  • One green Ezlink card
  • One white and red Ezlink card
  • One Ezlink card with Merlion picture
  • One white “Rebeanco” Bag
  • One dirty white “Miu Miu” bag
  • One red “Prada” wallet
  • One black “Prada” wallet
  • One brown “Guess” wallet
  • One white “Guccinelle” Watch
  • One black rubber digital watch
  • One yellow coloured ring with ‘///’ designs
  • One yellow coloured necklace with a broken bracket and a yellow ‘)(‘ design pendant with white stone
  • One white coloured bead-shaped necklace with “C” design pendant and white stones
  • One pair of yellow coloured hemisphere shaped earrings (unknown value)

She was also accused of being unable to verify how she got the items in the first place.

Ms Parti purportedly had these items with her when she was at Changi Airport on Dec 2016 when she returned to Singapore to look for work.

Her lawyer had asked for the items to be returned to her.

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