You Can Watch YouTube Videos in Your WhatsApp App. So What’s the Deal?

Beng: Baybee! Now can watch YouTube videos on WhatsApp liao leh.

Lian gives stone face.


Lian: You think I yesterday born one ah? Of course I know lah! Long time ago already can what.

Beng: Eh… I know can. But not in the way that you always complain when I send you.

Lian: Did you just say I ALWAYS COMPLAIN?! You want to die is it?!

Beng: Aiyo… I mean you always angry when I send you videos, say need to open the link then go back to WhatsApp after watching the video, very mafan (troublesome) mah.

Lian: Ya Lah! Always send me those stupid videos.

Beng: Don’t angry leh. Now don’t need so mafan (troublesome) liao. Cause WhatsApp got new update. If I send you YouTube link right, you can just play from the app itself.

Lian: You mean it won’t link me to the browser or YouTube app?

Beng: Yup! All within the WhatsApp app so not so mafan (troublesome) already.

Lian searches the Google Play Store.

Lian: Ooi. Anyhow say. Don’t have leh. WhatsApp don’t have any updates.

Beng: Huh? Cannot be leh. My iPhone have leh. You got see the new version? v2.17.81?



Beng stares at her phone…

Beng: Oh… I forgot you using Android.

Don’t be like Beng, unless you want to sleep on the sofa tonight. At the time of writing, this feature is only made available to iOS users.

Oh, if it’s not clear enough, you can now watch YouTube videos within your WhatsApp app. And like what Beng said, while it seems like a relatively “useless” function, it actually helps: you won’t need to “back” so many times when someone decided to send you a cat video.

Apart from being able watch YouTube videos without leaving the WhatsApp app, you can now also record a longer WhatsApp voice message without keeping your finger on the record icon.


Yup, simply swipe up to lock recording and after you’re done with it, just click on the arrow icon to send the message, or cancel it.

Again, only for iOS users with the latest 2.17.81 WhatsApp version.

What’s next?

I guess Andriod users just have to be patient. It will be out soon, I strongly believe.

Keep your eyeballs on the next WhatsApp update which will feature “picture-in-picture” where you can keep watching a YouTube video while navigating to another chat.

There are also reports stating that WhatsApp is preparing to bring another feature whereby a user is able switch between voice and video calls simultaneously.

Till then, stay on the latest WhatsApp version and be careful not to download the fake WhatsApp app.

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