WhatsApp Latest ‘Live Location Function’ Can Ruin Your Life


Has your bae ever kept you waiting for hours?

You were supposed to meet her for dinner at 7 P.M. but she is running late (as usual).

I am sure this is how it plays out.

Image: fakewhats.com

And after…

Image: youtube.com

She has arrived but you probably died from hunger.

But that is all in the past because Whatsapp understands every man’s (and woman’s) struggle.

Whatsapp can either make or break your relationship.

First, it was the “last seen” timestamp, then the double blue ticks and now…

They have just rolled out a new feature called Live Location!

What is it

This feature allows you to share your location in real-time with anyone in your Whatsapp contact list.

Each person in the chat will be able to see your icon (your Whatsapp profile picture) on a map.

Image: blog.whatsapp.com

This neat feature is end-to-end encrypted; it means you don’t have to worry about a third party knowing your whereabouts.

You can also control the duration of the Live Location—15 minutes, 60 minutes and 8 hours—and if it is a group chat, more than one people will appear on the map!

Cool beans!

This feature is available on iPhone and Android devices.

How to use it

Step 1


Open the chat.

Step 2

Click the attach button and then click the location option.

Image: blog.whatsapp.com

Step 3

Click Live Location.


Step 4

Choose the duration.

Image: blog.whatsapp.com

Step 5

You’re done!

Image: blog.whatsapp.com

You don’t have to follow the timer; you can quit whenever you feel like it


This definitely saves people’s time if their boyfriend or girlfriend is always late.


You would be able to see their adorable icon on the map, and you pace yourself, instead of rushing out of the house to only end up waiting for one hour or more.

For those who are always late for group gatherings, your tardiness can literally be seen on the map.

Talk about peer pressure.

But it can be annoying if your friend or bae asks you to share your Live Location when you are doing something shady.

Image: forum.popjustice.com

Or even worse, imagine your boss ask you to share your Live Location.


You can’t use the MRT breakdown excuse when you clearly left your house five minutes before work starts!

Image: 2niteshanghai.com

Love it, use it.

Hate it, don’t use it.

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