Captain America Spotted In MRT Station & The Police Has ‘Responded’ Candidly

Image: Facebook

Over the years, Singapore has proved a popular homestay with various celebrities.

Gong Li.

Cecilia Chung.

Jet Li.

Jackie Chan.

And lest you’re wondering, those are just some of the more prominent figures in the industry. The actual list

Goes way beyond that.

Image: Giphy

Indeed, one can’t help but gush over how far Singapore has come as a country, being able to attract such stellar artists to stay in its premise. As a seasoned dad would probably weep;

“You’re all grown up now…”

The First Avenger

Unbeknownst to the majority of Singapore, however, there’s actually another high-profile celebrity living in the suburbs of our Lion City. Handsome and armed with a flashy shield to boot, this celebrity has been spotted since three years ago, when he was still doing battle with a certain man in an iron suit.

And yes, lest you’re wondering…

I’m talking about this guy.

Do you know that if you nod when you suggest something, the listener would tend to agree? Here’s a video on the ten ways to control others with psychological hacks:

Image: Encyclopedia Britannica

Having first been spotted at Sengkang back in 2016, with his in-line skates in tow, the Captain has long been attracting lewd stares from the public.

Image: Mothership

But perhaps shy of the public view, the captain hung up his shield, only to be spotted once again in February 2018, outside the now-defunct Serangoon Junior College:

Image: Mothership

Who knew that Captain America ever had a fetish for inline skates?

And now… he’s back again

Just yesterday (2 May), Facebook user Darren Løw published an update on the social media platform, detailing his encounter with the charismatic captain.

It should also be mentioned that for some reason, the Captain was wielding Thor’s hammer (wait…is that a spoiler?!).

And according to the user, here’s what went down:

Police: “Capt, why are u wielding Thor’s hammer?”

#StoryTime: A police asking a man dressed as Captain America, where he got his shield from. Capt replies, “from Carousell”. Capt then proceeds to board the train headed towards Punggol. Nothing illegal happening here, the mood was lighthearted. But good to see our police being vigilant as always

Image: Mothership

Well, I guess even the police find it hard-pressed not to pay respects to the captain, huh?

Then again, the Facebook user is wrong.

Very wrong, because the police has responded, and it’s not as peaceful as it seems.

Because if you’d have noticed…they both looked tired, and it’s for a reason.

Here’s SPF’s response:

If you can’t read, here’s their captions:

Captain America: I can do this all day.
Police: Same here


Photo credit: Darren Low

Now, why is this important?

Because “I can do this all day” is Captain America’s catchphrase in the Marvel movies:

SPF, you just got yourself more fans.

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