Non-Resident Allegedly Parked Car Outside Landed Property & Then Took a Bus Every Morning


Last Updated on 2023-03-06 , 11:15 am

Some drivers in Singapore decided to save on parking fees by parking near areas with private properties.

However, a resident living along Chuan Walk at Lorong Chuan has had enough of drivers who try to park their cars outside the rows of private houses for free.

Recently, a lady who parked along that road received a note on her car’s windshield after she returned to collect her car at the end of the day.

Here’s what happened.

Car Owner Found Note on Car After Parking Outside Landed Property

A lady complained that a resident living along Chuan Walk had left a note on her car after she returned to retrieve her car at the end of the day.

According to the photo uploaded, the handwritten note read, “You don’t belong [to] this neighbourhood. Please remove your car.”

Image: The Internet via Zaobao

She said she had parked her car along the stretch of private houses from 29 January to 1 February.

She added that she only temporarily parked her car there as she was staying with her mother at the nearby Housing Development Board (HDB) estate since her husband had gone overseas for a work trip.

By Right, Can Park (But By Left…)

According to reporters from Shin Min Daily News who went down to the scene, no indications showed that cars are not allowed to be parked along that particular stretch of road.

Other notices, such as those that ban parking in the area or informing car owners that they will be charged for parking, were also absent.

So, by right, the woman technically didn’t do anything wrong by parking her car there.

(But… By left…)

The only signs regarding parking were two signs the National Environment Agency (NEA) put up.

The signs reminded residents not to park their cars along the road on Wednesday and Friday mornings as the road will be cleaned during that time.

Residents’ Reactions

Speaking to Shin Min, a male resident who has lived in the area for over a decade pointed out that many non-residents have found parking their cars along Chuan Walk convenient.


He added that this behaviour began over half a year ago. Based on his observations, around three to five cars would drive into the neighbourhood separately every evening.

The cars only drove off the following morning.

The resident, who declined to be named, brought up how many houses in the area have three generations of family members living under the same roof. These families often own more than one car.

He said that the high number of cars, coupled with the narrow roads in the neighbourhood, may result in a shortage of parking spots.

The resident added that many residents in the area are aware that there are insufficient parking spots in the area. However, they are occasionally affected when they want to leave their homes. Cars that belong to members of the public might block the gates of their houses.


Another resident named Glenn claimed he noticed a lady who parks her car every morning before walking to the nearby bus stop.

Car Owner’s Reaction

As for how those who park their cars along the roads feel about their actions, one car owner shared with Shin Min that he parks his car in the area at least twice a week.

He explained that his mother-in-law’s house is only one street away from the area and that parking there is much more convenient for him.

The owner, who declined to be named, pointed out that the roads outside the private properties are for public use. As long as he abides by the traffic rules, he believes he should be allowed to park his car there.

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Resident Feels Like the Person Who Left the Note is “Giving the Neighbourhood a Bad Rep”

Regarding the hostile note on the lady’s car, Glenn said that the person who left it was rude and “gave the neighbourhood a bad reputation”.

Even though he does not know who left the note, he revealed that the residents in the neighbourhood are actually very friendly.


He added that he has heard of instances in other neighbourhoods where individuals try to “chope” parking spots with items such as rubbish bins. Such events have never happened in his neighbourhood.

Glenn added that he was ashamed on behalf of the person who wrote the note.

Other residents mentioned that the roads become incredibly narrow once other cars park along the road.

Bus and lorry drivers have been inconvenienced when driving through the area.

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